Assh Lee in 'Dogfart' - Cuckold Sessions

Released : August 6th, 2017

Ever had a teacher you wanted to bang? Enter Señorita Assh Lee. She teaches Spanish, and she's the hottest teacher on campus! All the men love her, and Señorita Lee loves to tease all the men as she lectures. She'll wear short skirts and low-cut blouses that show off her huge titties. Señorita Lee also conducts study sessions after school, too, and if you think she teases the men during class, wait til you see what she does afterward!! Today, her tutor group is small: a white boy who's known as the campus geek, and the star cornerback from the football team! Do we really have to tell you she's already banging the star football player? Or they're about to hold a cuckold session right on campus?! Wait until you meet the cuckold's "girlfriend", Heather!!! Cuckboi will bang "Heather" while Señorita Lee entertains her hung Bull. The Bull will use all three holes in order to dump his load. Cuckboi dumps his load, too, and then cleans up "Heather" before receiving a special treat from the beautiful Señorita! Cuckboi's final grade for the day? C-, while the Bull earns his A+!!!

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Assh Lee in '- Glory Hole'
Assh Lee - Glory Hole

Assh Lee hails from Spain, and the second she stepped off the plane and got her hotel, she went on a hunt for an adult bookshop. No joke. Assh is a super slut, and she loves watching her porno on DVD's! Not just any porno either...Assh loves IR! She loves watching rough, dirty IR porn, and the clerk at the store helps her find the Dogfart section. "Would you like to preview a few of these titles?" asks the clerk. Of course she does, and once led to the back of the store, where the video arcade is located. Once inside, you know how it goes down: in the middle of working her clit, a giant black dick pops through the hole! Assh can't believe her eyes, and from there it's on! She sucks and fucks, and Assh offers up all three holes to the random dude in the booth next door! The BBC dumps a giant load directly into Assh's tight, tight asshole! It's an amazing anal creampie, and even after she squeezed out a huge amount of semen, she felt it leaking down her legs the rest of the day!

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Dressed in lingerie and sexy stockings, curvy Assh Lee gets her big, juicy ass all oiled up before getting a proper pounding from Keiran Lee.

Assh Lee in 'Nacho Vidal Loves Bikini Girls'
Assh Lee - Nacho Vidal Loves Bikini Girls

Bodacious, butt-blessed blonde Assh Lee shakes her thick ass for the camera, playfully teasing in her skimpy string bikini. Director Nacho Vidal probes her holes as she pumps his thick, veiny prick. Assh drops to her knees for a worshipful blowjob. Her enormous boobs bounce as Nacho bones her from behind, spanking her plump rump as he pounds her twat. Intense rod riding comes with passionate kissing and climaxes as Nacho slathers his sperm atop her well-groomed gash.

Assh Lee in 'Anal With A Huge Bubble Butt'
Assh Lee - Anal With A Huge Bubble Butt

Assh Lee runs around her block and gets followed by Slim Poke before she invites him in. He checks out her great big ass for a good while before he spreads oil all over it. Assh Lee has one of the best asses in the biz and DAYUM! It looks good. Glad she invited Slim in to suck on his big dick before riding him. She rides him on cowgirl where she gets her pussy fucked before she ask to get her ass fucked. YES! we get to see her getting her big juicy ass fucked from multiple angles until she takes his load.

Assh Lee in 'Assh Twerks'
Assh Lee - Assh Twerks

Pull up a chaise longue by the pool and enjoy a front-row seat to the hottest performance in town. Voluptuous Spanish babe Assh Lee is all warmed up and ready to entertain you with a twerking extravaganza you won't want to miss. Her big tits and bubble booty barely contained by a shiny purple bikini, Assh twerks and jiggles her ass just for you, serving up teasing glimpses of her nipples along with an extremely saucy wink. Inside, Brick joins her to oil up her curvy body, and after hopping in the shower to stimulate her skin all over under the spray, Assh bends over the sink for Brick to eat her pussy before throwing her ass back on him as she rides his cock hard, working it like you've never seen before!

Assh Lee in 'Got Ass'
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Get ready for one of the biggest asses we've ever had on Hard X. Featuring stunning Assh Lee, with her giant booty, including a sexy poolside tease to show off her massive assets. Assh Lee loves it when it's all anal, with intense multiple anal positions and face sitting to really get her off!

Assh Lee in 'Gets Her Asshole Stretched'
Assh Lee - Gets Her Asshole Stretched

Assh Lee is a hard working woman. At her job as a secretary she likes to stay on top of everything, even her boss. She tries to wear the sexiest outfits for his enjoyment. This particular day she decided to wear her new butt plug at work and let it just hang out of her very short and tight skirt. He couldn't help but play with it. He bent her over and started plying with her new toy and eventually, he began playing with her giant ass. After that, it was time for Assh Lee's tight little asshole to get stretched. She got fucked in the ass all over her boss's couch until her tiny little asshole was properly stretched. Finishing it all up with a huge load all over her giant tits.

Assh Lee in 'Hip-Hop On That Cock'
Assh Lee - Hip-Hop On That Cock

Assh Lee likes to express herself dancing to the latest hip-hop tracks. She's not afraid to throw down to prove her skills against whatever competition comes her way. One thing she can't resist is taking a fat cock in her tight ass. So it seemed natural for her to combine her passions of big dicks and big bass. Assh is ready to prove she's got street cred by twerking down on Karlo's cock.

Assh Lee in 'Sexual Athletics'
Assh Lee - Sexual Athletics

Opposites attract on Team LEE! Big-booty Assh and tight Asian Morgan make quite the pair of ball-handlers. After getting sweaty on the court, they're not afraid to keep things hot with Manuel. A dream-team cum true when these filthy sluts tag-team one massive cock. Not only do these girls keep fit by fucking, but they know that in order to win, they have to go to the next level with their practice and that means opening up more than just their pretty mouths and tight pussies - both sporty sluts take that cock in the ass while licking each other's titties and pussies. A true man has a lot to keep up with when it comes to Team Lee but he doesn't back away from this challenge and, in their ends, everybody wins!

Assh Lee in 'Follow That Ass'
Assh Lee - Follow That Ass

Danny D is minding his own business when a vision appears: a big, juicy ass bouncing through the park! Unable to look away, Danny follows that ass all the way home, where its owner Assh Lee hops in the shower. Danny gets caught huffing her panties, so Assh puts him to work pleasing her booty with his mouth, fingers and fat cock!

Assh Lee in 'Sunbathing Distraction'
Assh Lee - Sunbathing Distraction

It's a hot summer day and Assh Lee is trying to relax by the pool. Too bad her big ol' butt attracts all the neighborhood pervs. Isiah oils up her ass while she tries to read, but once he slides his big black cock inside her all bets are off.