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Sami Parker in 'Glory Hole'

Sami Parker - Glory Hole

Getting all ready to go to a BBQ with a guy she has been seeing Sami Parker does herself up right with a short white skirt that just covers her ass and a yellow top that shows off her huge tits to perfection with no bra so the headlights are beaming. But this jerk can not help but flirt with other girls and not pay her a proper amount of attention. Well thankfully she brought her own car and bailed from this scene and headed right to her favorite spot the: glory hole. Walking in she pulls up her skirt and flashes her pussy to the hole and gets her pussy felt up good before telling whoever it is she wants cock. Out comes a long and fat cock ready to play. She wastes no time dropping to her knees to suck that fine piece of meat. Milking it hard with both hands she can only tease herself so long before she backs her fat pussy up on that dick hard enough to shudder the wall. She has claimed her toy for the day and uses it how she wants. But once she lays back to let the cock pound her she cums hard. But being the good slut that she is she drops back down to return the favor and double hand milks that cock onto her big fat titties like a pro.

Francys Belle in 'DF Xtra'

Francys Belle - DF Xtra

Francys Belle and Boswell Black had been corresponding on the internet for some time. Boswell had a conference coming up in Europe and they made plans to finally connect. The sparks definitely fly as these two jump at the chance to have sex with each other. This big tit Brazilian hottie looks amazing taking it up the ass. Boswell most certainly can't wait for his next conference abroad.

Madison Wilde in 'Takes Big Cock After Big Hike'

Madison Wilde - Blacks On Blondes

Every young woman in Los Angeles is into hiking. From Runyon to Topanga they just love getting out in nature and working up a sweaty cootch traipsing around the hilly trails. Well nature is also out there and with the encroaching of houses into the wilderness coyotes are out and hungry. Today little Madison Wilde gets the shock of her life when she gets confronted by one. Not knowing what to do Madison starts running which makes the beast give chase. Terrified and screaming Madison runs into the arms of a friendly big buff man who quickly shoos the coyote away. Feeling scared and not wanting to go back to where her car was parked he lets her come to his house. Overcome with adrenaline from this harrowing experience Madison finds herself getting very wet in the snapper area. Oh my. From scared to horny she suddenly is overcome with the need to get filled with tube steak. Good for her that Rob Piper is more than willing to lend his penis to the situation and work out that adrenaline. Like a horned out sex fiend, Madison attacks that meat pole with a gusto that she didn't even know resided in her. Riding long and hard she shrieks with orgasmic glee as she orgasms over and over again. Rewarded with a healthy helping of steaming hot man butter Madison realizes that she has never felt more alive.

Khloe Kingsley in 'Needs a Brand New Dick'

Khloe Kingsley - Glory Hole

Khloe Kingsley has not been getting the attention she deserves from her BF as of late and decided to check his phone only to find out that he has been giving that attention to a string of other girls. Well she has no patience for that and broke up with him right away. She knew her friend had been telling her about the glory hole and how she could get her needs met and then some over there. So she slutted herself up in her tightest shorts and slutty top and took her fine ass over there. Normally a shy girl, she did not have to put any effort into this as a big fat cock (Don Prince) presented itself through the hole in the wall almost immediately. The idea of sucking some random cock got her all worked up and right down on her knees. Slowly she stripped from her slutty gear down to her bare ass that wanted so much to back up on that fat cock. So much bigger than her little ex BF she backs up on it with a desperate sigh of deep relief. But once she lay on her back for that cock to pound into her she was able to let herself cum again and again. Milking that cock onto her face though she was so proud of her slutty self she wore that load all the way home.

Lulu Chu in 'Cuckold Sessions'

Lulu Chu - Cuckold Sessions

Lulu Chu has been cheating on her husband Riley for some time now. But it does bother her the lying as he really is such a good guy and otherwise takes good care of her. Finally one day when she knows he is going to come home at a certain time, she has two of her regular studs there servicing her when he comes home. He walks in to find his lovely young wife with a cock down her throat and another guy eating her pussy and can not believe that she has betrayed him. She quickly lets him know that it is this way or the highway and to just sit down and hopefully enjoy the show. Getting right back to her fucking the guys (Ace Hardz and Goldey) pass her pussy back and forth like the tiny plaything she is. But finally she asks the guys to take this into the shower and walks over to her dejected husband and asks him to Follow them to watch and see what it is up and close that she needs. In the shower the studs stand back for a minute to watch this young slut drench herself in the water until she instinctively drops to her knees to suck both cocks back and forth. She then bends over the tub face to face with her husband as the two Studs take turns fucking her deep. But when you would have thought most men were done these guys lift her into the air and fuck her holding her off her feet like the sex doll she craves to be. Four times they pass her back and forth barely touching the floor until she is back on her knees to receive the double dose of loads on her face and tits for her Husband to dutifully lick up.

Cali Sweets in 'The Homewrecker'

Cali Sweets - DF Xtra

Cali Sweets and Jason Pierce used to work at a restaurant together back in the day and always kind of had a thing for each other. It just so happens that Cali is in town and asked Jason if she could stay over to save on a hotel room. He agrees and they end up doing a little catching up. Jason explains to Cali that now he is in a relationship but did have a thing for her back in the day. In fact, they both were into each other, but never pulled the trigger. Seeing the new woman as competition and the fact that they haven't fucked as unfinished business Cali hatches a plan to be a home wrecker!

Scarlett Page in 'Is Not Running Away From This Cock!'

Scarlett Page - Blacks On Blondes

Scarlett Page was on the phone with her friend as her roommate Slim Poke walked in asking for advice. Slim pulled out his dick and asked Scarlet if his dick was too small or unattractive. Scarlett was in aww about the size of Slim's dick. Then Scarlett asked if she could touch it. Slim was all about it. Then Scarlett started sucking on it and loving every inch. Then she got Slim rock hard and decided to climb on it and ride it until she had an orgasm. Then Slim bent her over and pounded away as she was having orgasm after orgasm. Then Slim shot a big, hot load all over her face.

Charlie Forde in 'Blacks On Blondes'

Charlie Forde - Blacks On Blondes

When Lexi Lore finds out her man has been cheating on her she turns to her older friend Charlie Ford for condolence. What Charlie gives her is advice and true words of wisdom - 'the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else'. Oh and she will as Charlie has her rapper lover bring over seven of his homies from a recording session to help out a very sad lady. If there is one proven thing to cure a broken heart it's a sore vagina. The men pull out their massive black cocks and Lexi gazes in wonder at the cornucopia of cock presented for her. She immediately starts sucking every dong dangling near her face as Charlie jumps into the field of meat. Soon pussies are being bent and wrecked as the love train of ebony warriors invade the girls inviting pink love tunnels. Banging hard and deliberately, the girls are quaking and cumming. With sphincters dilating and spoke wheels ready to be plumbed it's soon time for anal alley. Get set to watch a mind-bending tweenie tweaking dueling double penetration sex marathon. These girls are getting pounded every which way from Sunday as their holes are being destroyed. Like a tag team of yore the girls give as good as they get as the men lay down the meat. When the cum flies Lexi feels like she is being anointed and rebirthed as a new woman ready to get back out into the world with a smile on her face.

Danae Mari in 'Blacks On Blondes'

Danae Mari - Blacks On Blondes

Disaster strikes for Danae when the recent Southern California rain storms cause a tree to fall over onto her house. Recently divorced and tight on cash this could not have happened at a worse time for her. Now she will have to deal with the insurance companies and figure out how to pay the deductible. Her one ray of sunshine has been the contractor who showed up quick to cover her roof after the tree was hauled away by the city. This will be a big job so Danae will be having to deal with the workers for at least a couple of weeks. All this stress has Danae really needing to work off some steam so she figures since she is going to be seeing the contractor a lot she might as well really get to know him. For Danae that means getting that cock in her mouth. Holy Fuck is he packing a major pole - damn near as big as the tree that fell on her house. Let's hope this one does that same type of treatment on her cunt. Gagging on the cock all of Danae's troubles disappear as all she can think about is getting her hungry kitty filled with man meat. That cock is a thick, hard, veiny love bomber that powers its way through her flowered lips deep and long rutting up against her cervix. Now this is how you wreck a pussy. Danae is cumming over an over again as she fucks the living hell out of that massive cock.

Mik Luv in 'Unemployed But satisfied'

Mik Luv - Glory Hole

Mik Luv was very disappointed. After graduating from teaching college and applying for her first job she got rejected. Of course she tried to dress up very proper and conservative but the tattoos even on her hands kind of gave her away. Well when she is disappointed she often goes to the glory hole to blow off some steam and maybe a few other things as well. Walking in the room she is just glad to settle down to a dirty movie and the promise of a big cock. Before long a huge one shows up (Don Prince) for her to use and uses it she does. Sucking the life out of that cock before her she touches her pussy to get her flower ready for plucking. Flipping around she backs right onto the fat cock offered and knows she has come in the right place. Striped down to her stocking's and heals in this strange place banging her ass into the wall with abandon. Finally she flips over again to lay on her back and let the random cock pound into her as well so she can rub an extra one or two out. Her cumming makes her want all of his too and drops back to her knees to jack all of that cream from the anonymous cock she fucks.

Cory Chase in 'Cuckold Sessions'

Cory Chase - Cuckold Sessions

While Cory Chase is home being served by her favorite subby pet she makes the call asking one of her best studs to come over and tend to her sexual needs. She is quick to ask her stud Don Prince to be sure to bring a friend this time because she is truly in heat. As her pet massages and kisses her feet she tells Don on the phone that all of her three holes will be open for them to fuck. Walking in with her Studs in tow she finds and scolds her pet for sitting on the furniture and apologizes to her Men for his poor behavior. But wasting not a minute more she turns to Don and Mazee and invites them to explore and use her very slutty body. She sucks and swallows as much cock until her pussy and ass can not wait any longer and then stuffs those holes too. But her needs are not truly met until she has both dicks inside her pussy and ass at the same time and can not stop the cumming. She then directs the studs to cum all over her tits for her precious little pet to then clean up with passionate need that they can all see.

Jill Taylor in 'Rides Her Way Out of the Friendzone'

Jill Taylor - Blacks On Blondes

Nobody wants to get in the friendzone. We've all been there. You start hanging with some girl and you don't tap that pussy the first night you just might end up being 'friends'. Spending platonic days bonding and chatting it up. Well, Jill Taylor is really tired of being in the friendzone and wants some Chocolate God love. She wants and needs it so bad she takes the drastic step of sexting him a naked butt shot. Now it's game on as she confronts him that she needs some cock. Holy Fuck is he packing! When he unearths a massive trouser snake baking in his underwear she tries her darndest to shove it all down her throat. Her tight little pussy is dripping and needing a good thumping. Sliding into her he knows he has left the 'friendzone' and is deep in some serious wet pussy. Her spoke wheel is all a twitter as her rectum puckers in anticipation of the giant phallus that is about to bust her wide open. Sliding in is a tight undertaking but soon pays it's rewards as he humps her with a mojo that is setting her little clit synapses a popping. Jill is orgasming hard and long as she rides that giant man stick for all she is worth. Damn it feels good to be out of the 'friendzone' and into the 'anal zone'.

Cece Mecta in 'DF Xtra'

Cece Mecta - DF Xtra

Cece Mecta and Kris Kixxx are in a on again off again relationship that was finally over after some incidents caused by Cece. Even though they have split apart Cece still longs for Kris and seems to not be able to let the relationship go. That is why when she heard that Kris was sick, she rushed over to his house to help try and nurse him back to health. When she showed up Kris tried to get her out as soon as possible, but she was having none of it. She reminded him of all the good times they had and how the last time he was sick she made him feel better. How did she make him feel better you may ask? Well, she let him fuck her tight pussy and cum all over her huge tits! Thinking back to that time Kris decides to give things another go for just long enough to get in one good fuck. Cece is ecstatic at the idea of feeling Kris's thick hard cock all in her body making her feeling amazing. Hopefully this will work and they don't just end up sick and exhausted.

Danielle Renae in 'DF Xtra'

Danielle Renae - DF Xtra

If there is one thing that floats Richards' boat is seeing his wife getting pummeled by a massive cock. When you have a wife as hot as Danielle Renae you want the world to share your joy - and her hot wet tight pussy. Especially if you are a man with a big dick. So today's latest cock find is Chocolate God who gets to cum over and fuck Richard's wife while he jerks off and records on his cell phone. Nothing better than taking back that pussy while you watch it and relive that big cock action. Chocolate is more than happy to play a bull to Richard's cuck love fest. Danielle is ecstatic as the humongous trouser snake is released from it's underwear bound packaging. Veins and swollen, this dark bomber is ready for love. Sucking and slurping Danielle gets it good and ready for her dripping cum drainer of a cunt. Richard is happy as hell as he watches that pole start to pulverize his wife's meat hole. Jerking and a filming Richard follows the action as Chocolate fucks Danielle all over the place. When Chocolate blasts an uber load of salty sweet man butter all over her kisser Richard can't help it and shoots off his own load of jizz to double coat her.

Gigi Dior in 'DF Xtra'

Gigi Dior - DF Xtra

Gigi has found herself in a giant house she cannot afford on her own. Her husband has long since left. Like so many others in America, Gigi has resorted to renting out rooms in her house to pay the bills. One of the rooms is rented to a man named Scotty P. Good looking fellow she notices he works remotely from the house. Must be a nice job. So one day while carrying a load of laundry Gigi happens to hear moaning and some sex talk coming from his room. Can you imagine the shock and surprise of this 50 year old woman when she finds her tenant jacking off online. He is one of those sex online streamers. Good lord Scotty has turned her house into a porn studio. Oh the shame. Oh that sweet big throbbing cock he has in his hand. If there is one sure way to heat up a cougar it's to wave some big dick around. It literally throws them into a tizzy as their old pussies get all juiced up and ready for pound town. Within seconds Gigi has that massive meat stick shoved down her throat as she is a hungry cougar indeed. Scotty fucks the hell out of her boomer twat as he gives his landlord the fucking of her life.

Vivianne DeSilva in 'Cuckold Sessions'

Vivianne DeSilva - Cuckold Sessions

Vivianne DeSilva is your typical well cared for Hot Wife who fell in love with her husband's credit score and tiny cock. She has a regular stable of studs, Boswell Black & Goldey to come and service her and her husband has the house wired for cameras so he gets to enjoy the show even when he is at work. She is just getting started with a couple of her regulars when her Husband comes home still on the phone making a deal. She invites him closer to see what a real cock looks like that she needs to make her cum. The guys know her deal and are happy to keep this well off woman satisfied. Taking two cocks like it's just breathing for her she gets the first one inside her to get things going. But once it is in her ass Tiny Dick gets his camera out to record these priceless moments or her deeply penetrated. Her orgasm is all she cares about as they take turns pounding out her nether hole. They line up to double decorate her tits with a copious amount of cum with her very happy smile.

Selina Bentz in 'Blacks On Blondes'

Selina Bentz - Blacks On Blondes

Jax Slayher was in his room taking the online heavy Equipment Operators license exam when his roommate Selina Bentz came in to ask him why men don't ever talk to her. She asked Jax if she was attractive as she was showing her boobs and butt. Then she noticed Jax's huge dick. Selena asked if she could touch it and then suck it because she hasn't had sex in a long time. Jax bent Selena over and started giving her large portions of dick that she hast had in a long time. Then Selina rode Jax's cock until she had an orgasm. Then Jax put Selina into spoons and railed her out until he busted his man goo all over her face.

Pristine Edge in 'Glory Hole'

Pristine Edge - Glory Hole

Pristine is coming from a Bridal shower with some of her friends and they all seemed intent on shoving the husband and family life down her throat. Pristine is a strong, sexy and happy woman all by herself and knows how to get her needs met without all that baggage those other women have. Who needs to know the name of the guy who's cock you are using? That's why she loves using the Glory Hole and the rando dicks that offer themselves for her to use. In her very pristine pink and white outfit today she walks into the room like a boss and loves seeing what dirty movie they have playing today. And just like that a big Dick pops through the hole for her and down she drops to her knees to get at it. Slurping so much no lube is needed when she turns around to back up on that cock. A deep smile on her face as she backs up hard on that cock taking long slow strokes of whoever's cock it might be. But finally laying on her back she can just relax and touch herself and cum as he plows away at her pussy. Desperate for his load now she uses the double handed milking technique of a pro to extract every bit of cum from his balls to cover her face and tits and swallow a bit to boot.

Cherry Kiss in 'Interracial Blowbang'

Cherry Kiss - Interracial Blowbang

Super hot blonde Cherry Kiss offers her mouth up to ten huge dicks in hopes of getting covered in all their cum.

Lana Smalls in 'Mesures Jovan's Cock With Her Mouth'

Lana Smalls - Blacks On Blondes

Lana Smalls takes her job very seriously at the high end clothing boutique she works at. She makes sure to measure every man to perfection when fitting their suit to them. Especially when the man is as well endowed as Jovan Jordan is. Lana will have to get the perfect measurement and to know exactly how much room he will need to grow. To get the exact measurement she needs, decorum demands Lana use her patented oral depth test with her mouth on that monstrous man root spilling out of his underwear. With the hunger of an ancient Mongolian warrior descending on a village of peasants she engulfs the cock in her mouth and chomps away. Her pussy is now yearning to be fed and is dripping in anticipation. The giant phallus spreads her flesh flower wide open and starts plumbing her depths. Balls deep and banging Jovan is blasting this little strumpet hard and deep. Power fucking in it's finest he pulverizes her meat locker with his cervix wrecker leaving a trail of orgasms behind. Riding high on orgasmic love clouds Lana shrieks and grunts using the meatpole like she once rode at a park. Finally she was rewarded for her endeavors with a massive face blast of warm salty baby batter. Now that is how you measure a suit people.

Penelope Woods in 'Cuckold Sessions'

Penelope Woods - Cuckold Sessions

So Penelope Woods was doing her weekly discipline to her cuck husband. As she does enjoy this, she decided to change it up a bit and have her friend Slim Poke come in and bang her out while her husband watches. She called Slim in and started sucking his cock and spitting the drool into her cuck husbands mouth. He was all about that. Then she had Slim bend her over and bang her out as her husband watched closely. Penelope had one orgasm after the other while riding Slims dick. Then when Penelope was getting railed on her back she asked Slim to bust a nut inside her so her cuck husband can clean it out. Her husband was all about it as Slim filled her up with his man goo.

Charlotte Sins in 'Enjoys The Rod'

Charlotte Sins - Blacks On Blondes

Charlotte Sins joined the Heavens cult because she really wanted to ascend to a higher place. The cult had a very personable and mesiac type leader in Farizi Powers. He was one suave motherfucker with a huge cock that really knew how to keep his flock of babes in line. The whole group was a fucking and a sucking waiting for the comet to come by earth so they could hop on aboard and transcend to a better place. Well it's been a few months now and Charlotte is starting to miss her family so she goes to her Farizi to ask for some time away from Heaven's Cult. She has been a good recruiter and has brought in many members so he blesses her to visit her family. But first to keep her safe from straying he wants to give her his Golden Rod and really keep her connected. When he pulls out his golden root she is once again in an euphoric state as she gulps down on that meat stick. Her pussy is yearning to have that pole poking deep inside her gut and her Farizi does not disappoint as he lays down the Holy Cult Stick on her wet hole. Cumming harder and harder she is hitting that higher place. By the time he blesses her with the Holy salty transcendence she knows she is not ready to leave yet. Maybe another week before she goes to see her family.

Anna Claire Clouds in 'Fucks a Sexy Traveler'

Anna Claire Clouds - Blacks On Blondes

It looks like it's going to be another quiet day for suburban housewife Anna Claire Clouds but things take a sharp turn when a stranger drives onto her property. Now that in itself is not so shocking as oftentimes drivers get lost on these roads in her GPS deprived neighborhood. Seeing how our wayward traveler is one sexy ass motherfucker Anna offers to bring him inside so she can write down directions for him. Doesn't want to see the poor guy lost. In fact Anna also feels this man should not leave without a blowjob. Who wants to drive around with a heavy nut bag? Not one to turn down a free lunch our hero Chocolate God offers up his namesake rod for our very generous slutty house wife to chow down on. Anna's pussy seeing her mouth get all that luscious cock roast sandwich is of course drooling juice and demanding to be fed too. This pussy is hungry and needing cock. Time to feed the kitty. It's game on as Chocolate guides his bombastic cervix banger into Anna's dripping wet dick grabbing jizz extractor. Humping and a fucking they go at it like it's the last slut meets stranger encounter on earth. Damn this bitch can fuck. Where the fuck did Chocolate end up at. Power blasting her punani, Anna finds herself riding through orgasm galaxy with a pole of man meat up to her belly. Soon our traveler unloads his testicles all over Anna's beaming face. Now that is indeed what many would call quite neighborly.

Angelina Moon in 'Cuckold Sessions'

Angelina Moon - Cuckold Sessions

Angelina Moon and Buck used to be in love until things took a turn for the worse. Now they can't stand each other but have a lease on a house together. Angelina went over to Buck's house to get some items she left behind. That is when she and Buck started to get into an argument right in front of her new boyfriend, Jon Jon. Buck tries to stand his ground until Angelina puts him in his place. She makes fun of his watching cuckold porn and having sissy items. She even had sex in front of him with her new boyfriend. That wasn't the worst of it though. He had to eat the cum off her ass when it was done.

Coco Lovelock in 'Blacks On Blondes'

Coco Lovelock - Blacks On Blondes

Coco Lovelock gets up to find her lover has left her in his bed and has gone to work. He tells her to make herself at home and go make herself breakfast in the kitchen. Uh -oh, bad move to have this little slut walking around. When she comes across the roommate (Sir Goldey) she is hungry for something but it ain't breakfast sausage. Little Coco wants man sausage. Chocolate salami. One eyed tube steak. This little bitch wants some down home southern fried dicking. As soon as you can say 'lickity split' this chick is sucking some dick. The roommate lays down some serious thunder on her dripping cum locker and soon tries to pry her tight little winking pink spokewheel open with huge bulbous ebony meat pole. It's a tough go but he manages to ratchet open her brown-eye for some tight anal action. Now to serve the hungry little Coco some man chowder for breakfast as he coats her face in an eruption deep from those sweet chocolate balls of his. Yummy yummy that puts some cum in Coco's tummy.

Annie King in 'DF Xtra'

Annie King - DF Xtra

Annie King and Scotty P. used to date, that was until Annie got a little possessive and Scotty decided to leave her. Scotty does miss Annie. Especially since she had a big fetish for rimming man ass. Scotty misses the days her tongue was between those cheeks. He luckily got a chance to relive those glory days because Annie decided to drop by. At first she tried to use an excuse that she had to pick up some stuff. What she really wanted was to get her juicy pussy filled and tongue fuck some dude butt. Scotty really wasn't feeling it at first given their history. He gave in when she offered to spread his legs and worship him like a king. Most men would love the chance and of course he said yes. He even got to cum on some hot tits for all his trouble.

Lauren Phillips in 'Cuckold Sessions'

Lauren Phillips - Cuckold Sessions

A happy couple, Lauren Phillips and Buck Richards are off to see about buying their first home. They are about to meet Boswell Black and Don Prince who are house flippers and looking to sell their latest project. Immediately Lauren expresses how much she likes it already and Don takes Buck to show the entertainment room while Boswell takes Lauren to see the kitchen who is already very flirtatious. Buck just loves the room and tells Don about how they love to have parties and that his wife is actually pretty wild. Off in the kitchen Lauren is very impressed and Boswell lets her know that the house comes fully equipped. To Which Lauren replies yeah, while rubbing Boswell's own equipment and dropping down to suck his cock. Boswell can't help himself but is worried about her husband. Lauren tells him don't worry, my Husband loves how I am. Boswell is losing himself in the moment but finally says they should join the others. Once all back together Lauren declares this is the house for her and asks Don and Boswell if they would not mind helping them break in the house the right way dragging them both over to the couch and pushing them back. From then on the insatiable Lauren can not get enough and her husband jacks off and cheers her on. She wants cock in every hole of her's and both at the same time as well with some amazing DP. Both guys are happy to drop their loads all over her and her Husband Buck is right there to lick and clean her up then jack off as well and clean that up too. Lauren now certainly feels at home.

Maya Woulfe in 'Blacks On Blondes'

Maya Woulfe - Blacks On Blondes

Damion Dayski started dating a super hot hyper sexual in Maya Woulfe. Maya loves sex 20 times a day. To her that's about normal. Damion's penis is getting sore from banging out Maya every day all day long. Damion was on the phone chatting with his buddy and icing his sore dick and his girl came up to him for round 10. Damion wanted to take a break but he saw Maya in this cute green number that she came out in. Round 10 it is in Damion's mind. Maya pulls the ice off Damions dick and puts it in her mouth and gets him ready to fuck. Maya then hops on Damion's dick and rides it to another orgasm. Then Damion bent her over and railed her out until he busted his man goo all over her face as she played with it right before his very eyes and then swallowed it as she was already wanting round 11.

Kelsey Kane in 'Blacks On Blondes'

Kelsey Kane - Blacks On Blondes

Like a lot of young women who come to LA to seek their dreams they get hooked up with shady characters. Take Kelsey Kane for example. Hailing from the Midwest this corn-fed lassie finds a hot stud who takes her into his Beverly Hills pad and she thinks she has it made. So do the other girls crashing in rooms here. Until they don't anymore when he gets busted for embezzlement and they have to leave. Kelsey's life is a mess and she finds herself sitting there moping as movers clear out the house. When they ask her what's wrong and she tells them the only thing that would take her mind off this is a good double dicking they are more than eager to help the girl. Two big black cocks in your face will make you forget whatever your problems are. Gulping down on that enormous serving of man meat is all this little blonde needs and soon she finds her pussy having a train run on it as each man takes turn slamming her meatlocker full of sweet cocks. Riding and fucking Kelsey is in cock heaven and just for a moment is truly happy. This is all any girl really needs. And just like that they blast steaming streamers of hot and salty spunk all over her face. Now it's back to reality. Time to move out.

Bianca Bangs in 'DF Xtra'

Bianca Bangs - DF Xtra

Sometimes you see the craziest things when you are just off walking about enjoying a little sunshine on a break from work. Take our man CG (That's Chocolate God as his intimate friends call him). There he is one day just talking some shit on the phone when he watches a hot little brunette jump out of a car and start yelling at some man. Damn what kind of shit is this CG thinks. Next thing you know the man drives off leaving the yelling girl all pissed off and tossing fingers screaming about her phone is in the car. Bianca Bangs spots CG and makes a beeline over to him and asks to use his phone to call the man (turns out it's her boyfriend) to bring her phone back. He tells her to fuck off. So guess what? Damn right - she's got nothing better to do now than to hang out with our hero CG. Being the good Samaritan he is and knowing a bitch that is ready to put out he offers to take care of her and bring her back to his crib. It doesn't take much to get this girl sucking on his dick, I mean what girl doesn't like immediately getting some new cock when they fight with their boyfriend? It's the age old story. Pissed off bitch needs a hard dicking. Well when you talk dickings your are speaking the Chocolate one's language. Soon enough he finds his massive black dong buried balls deep up this tiny titted little girls love hole. Pounding and mojoing he is giving her some soul love just laying it up in there all good and long. Making her little pussy just quivering and shaking as she cums hard and long on his pussy wrecker. After he pulverizes her cunnie bunnie he blasts a load of his man chowder all over her kisser. Now that's how a bitch likes to get her freak on.

Frenchy in 'Glory Hole'

Frenchy - Glory Hole

Frenchy is visiting the US working as a translator for a big company but of course she wants to have some fun on her visit. She has heard of this thing they called Glory Hole back home but they do not have it there and this is a big fantasy for her to experience. So on her lunch break she slips away from the person she is translating for as she has found out on the internet that is not too far from her hotel. She is so excited to see the place she has thought about for so long and even more when the big dick comes through the hole in the wall. She keeps touching herself for a moment and then dives down for the cock. She is ravenous for the big cock before her and can not wait but a moment to impale herself fucking hard and making the wall vibrate with her passion. Back and forth from her mouth to her hungry pussy she goes. But once on her back the cock begins to drive into her with equal passion and need. Finally the cock pulls out and shoots some inside her and on top of the smoldering pussy. She loves the flavor of cum and scoops as much as she can up to feed it to herself and declares she loves this American glory hole.

Sia Wood in 'Cuckold Sessions'

Sia Wood - Cuckold Sessions

Sia Wood and Buck Fuck run a sex positive web show. They interview all types of people from various walks of life and talk to them about their experiences. This time Sia is interviewing Jon Jon, a famous pornstar. She is super excited but the interview isn't quite going her way. To make matters worse Buck forgot the tripod, sound equipment and basically everything except a camera. During the interview he runs out of power on the camera and must go downstairs to get a battery. While he is gone she talks with Jon Jon about life and they hit it off in a major way. Seconds later they are in the bedroom and his tongue is in her ass. This leads to her fucking is juicy cock just in time for Buck to catch them. They have been dating for the better part of a year and things have been dead in the bedroom. So, the idea of catching her with another man infuriates him, but also turns him on a little. Sia tells him to sit down and shut up since she really needs a good fuck, and the interview is basically done for at this point. Buck complies and watches his girlfriend and a guy they were just interviewing fuck like they known each other their whole lives. From there Jon Jon works Sia's tiny holes until he shoots a huge load all over her face. There will be a part two for this interview.