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Danae Mari in 'Blacks On Blondes'

Danae Mari - Blacks On Blondes

Disaster strikes for Danae when the recent Southern California rain storms cause a tree to fall over onto her house. Recently divorced and tight on cash this could not have happened at a worse time for her. Now she will have to deal with the insurance companies and figure out how to pay the deductible. Her one ray of sunshine has been the contractor who showed up quick to cover her roof after the tree was hauled away by the city. This will be a big job so Danae will be having to deal with the workers for at least a couple of weeks. All this stress has Danae really needing to work off some steam so she figures since she is going to be seeing the contractor a lot she might as well really get to know him. For Danae that means getting that cock in her mouth. Holy Fuck is he packing a major pole - damn near as big as the tree that fell on her house. Let's hope this one does that same type of treatment on her cunt. Gagging on the cock all of Danae's troubles disappear as all she can think about is getting her hungry kitty filled with man meat. That cock is a thick, hard, veiny love bomber that powers its way through her flowered lips deep and long rutting up against her cervix. Now this is how you wreck a pussy. Danae is cumming over an over again as she fucks the living hell out of that massive cock.

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Sheem the Dream in 'Roommates Cross The Boundary!'

Sheem the Dream - Roommates Cross The Boundary!

Danae is Sheems Roomate she gets home and sees no one is there currently so now she feels shes able to fuck herself with her dildo however sheem is upstairs on the roof working out and walks in on Danae riding the dildo he makes no big deal of it and danae thinks to take advantage of the situation because after all there is a real dick here now and that she does.

Danae Mari in 'Is Satisfied With A Cum-Covered Face'

Danae Mari - Is Satisfied With A Cum-Covered Face

A tattooed seductress with luscious lips does not shy away from hard fucking. Danae Mari is all smiles in blue lingerie as she flaunts her big tits and round ass. Her piercing gaze exudes lust as she moves her irresistibly curvy body teasingly before dropping to her knees, giving the lucky stud a sensual blowjob-handjob combo and letting him facefuck her. After, Danae gets on all fours on the couch and lets the man fuck her shaved pussy in doggystyle. Moving to the bed, Danae strips her bra off, revealing her supple boobs and pierced nipples. The horny babe proceeds to ride the man in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before the man fucks her in missionary and sideways missionary before pulling out and cumming on her face.

Danae Mari in 'Step Mom Is An Easy A'

Danae Mari - Step Mom Is An Easy A

Johnny is studying hard by the pool. He hopes to get into a good med school this year. He is hitting the books pretty hard when his step mom Danae comes outside to enjoy the pool. She tries to get him to join her, but this is too important to Johnny. Danae realizes that this is not healthy for him to be so stressed, so she comes up with a plan only the best of step mothers can concoct. She asks him to help her oil up. It was a no go. So, she ups the stakes and throws her top at him exposing her huge tits. Johnny is now paying attention, and worried about what his dad would think. She tells him that his dad would be mad at her for not helping him enjoy himself. Johnny agrees to oil her breast, but can't help but get hard. It does not go unnoticed as Danae points out the huge bulge now in his shorts. Johnny quicky tries to run and says he need to get back to studying. Danae is not having it and pulls him into the house, and wraps her mouth around his cock. It was exactly what Johnny needed as his took the stress of college out on her pussy. He beat her pussy like beating the odds of getting into an ivy league. He pounded her pussy like a bully on the yard. After emptying his balls on her face, Johnny proclaimed it was just the break he needed. Danae assured him she is always here for him we he needs another.

Danae Mari in 'I Have a Wife'

Danae Mari - I Have a Wife

Danae Mari was looking forward to going out and getting some good dick, but her friend backed out of their plans last minute. Danae is really frustrated that her plans got cancelled cause her husband hasn't fucked her in a while and now she can't even go out and get some strange. Luckily for Danae, the handyman is still around and even though he has a wedding ring on, Danae is certain he can convince him to give her that cock...of course Danae succeeds.