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Lana Smalls in 'Mesures Jovan's Cock With Her Mouth'

Lana Smalls - Blacks On Blondes

Lana Smalls takes her job very seriously at the high end clothing boutique she works at. She makes sure to measure every man to perfection when fitting their suit to them. Especially when the man is as well endowed as Jovan Jordan is. Lana will have to get the perfect measurement and to know exactly how much room he will need to grow. To get the exact measurement she needs, decorum demands Lana use her patented oral depth test with her mouth on that monstrous man root spilling out of his underwear. With the hunger of an ancient Mongolian warrior descending on a village of peasants she engulfs the cock in her mouth and chomps away. Her pussy is now yearning to be fed and is dripping in anticipation. The giant phallus spreads her flesh flower wide open and starts plumbing her depths. Balls deep and banging Jovan is blasting this little strumpet hard and deep. Power fucking in it's finest he pulverizes her meat locker with his cervix wrecker leaving a trail of orgasms behind. Riding high on orgasmic love clouds Lana shrieks and grunts using the meatpole like she once rode at a park. Finally she was rewarded for her endeavors with a massive face blast of warm salty baby batter. Now that is how you measure a suit people.

Lana Smalls in '- Cuckold Sessions'

Lana Smalls - Cuckold Sessions

Lana and her boyfriend have been having relationship problems. So they made an appointment with a very well know Dr who has a good reputation for helping couples solve their relationship problems. Dr Jax asks what are the problems. Immediately Lana goes in on James with one complaint after another. Jax interrupts her and James as they started bickering and recommended this new 'WOKE' therapy technique that has been working on a lot of his patients. Lana and James are willing to try anything to save their relationship. Jax asks both: Do you trust me? Both say yes, let's start this. Jax pulls out his huge cock and tells Lana to suck it! James starts to protest, Lana tells him to shut up! Jax is a Dr. and knows what he's doing! Jax then asks James: You are not anti 'WOKE' are you?? James then says he's "Woke' and tells Jax to proceed. Lana sucks the shit out of Jax's cock and gets her pussy pounded till she has problems speaking. Then Jax bust his nut on Lana's face and then she swallows it. Relationship saved!

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Lana Smalls in 'May 2024 Flavor Of The Month Lana Smalls - S4:E10'

Lana Smalls - May 2024 Flavor Of The Month Lana Smalls - S4:E10

Lana Smalls is excited for costume day this year. She has a surprise planned for her stepbrother, Parker Ambrose. Dressed as a slutty version of a space character, she makes Parker feel bad that everyone at school thinks they're fucking but they're not. Lana can fix that.Since she's in Parker's lap, Lana can feel how hard he already is. She gets on her knees and pops his stiffie out. Grabbing him by the root, she opens wide and begins sucking him down. Lana's blowjob is nice and sexy, priming Parker to finally find out what it's like to fuck his stepsis.Still in the bottom half of her bikini costume, Lana climbs back into Parker's lap and pushes her bottom aside so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. She turns for cowgirl, then lets Parker dick her down as she lays on her back with him cradled between her thighs. Once the stepsiblings have enjoyed a go in doggy, Lana sucks and strokes Parker off until he nuts in her mouth. Now all the rumors about them at school can be true!

Lana Smalls in 'Mouth Fucking Lovely Lana'

Lana Smalls - Mouth Fucking Lovely Lana

Sexy Lana may be small, but her dick-sucking skills are huge! She got my hard cock all the way down her throat after I mouth fucked her. She knew exactly how to suck my balls, and then she took my entire load as I blasted it all over her face!

Lana Smalls in 'Freaky Step Sister'

Lana Smalls - Freaky Step Sister

I got this new camera and while testing it out my step sister started putting the moves on our handyman. From there, I got the idea that it might go viral if I filmed it. So we called him over and convinced him to fuck my step sister while I filmed it. She was pleasantly surprised when he pulled out his giant cock. From there, she couldn't help but worship his huge monster cock before attempting to wrap her lips around it. She chocked on his cock for some time before sliding his cock in her tight hole. Making her scream with pleasure as her pussy stretched further than ever before. Ultimately, he nutted all over her face.

Oliver Faze in 'Creepy Stepbro'

Oliver Faze - Creepy Stepbro

Lana busts her stepbro while he's sniffing her panties and offers him a taste of her pussy.

Oliver Faze in 'Vibrator Chair'

Oliver Faze - Vibrator Chair

Lana Smalls mounts a vibrator chair and cums over and over again.

Lana Smalls in 'Its A Party In My Pants On Cinco De Mayo - S9:E3'

Lana Smalls - Its A Party In My Pants On Cinco De Mayo - S9:E3

Lana Smalls and Molly Little are having a great time stuffing a pinata for Cinco de Mayo while Molly's stepbrother, Robby Echo, hangs out in the same room. Lana catches Robby checking Molly out and tells her friend. Molly admits she wants Robby to bust a big load in her, so Lana decides to help her friend out.The girls invite Robby to their party amidst plenty of sexual innuendo. They imply there'll be some pinatas there with some pretty great treats, so he'd better bring a big bat. Later, Robby returns to learn that the party is over. That's ok; Molly and Lana are dressed as sexy pinatas that Robby can still break open. He wastes no time in ripping the costumes off the girls. With Lana's encouragement, Robby spins Molly around sinks balls deep into her juicy coochie.The trio moves to the couch, where the girls blow Robby together. Molly helps Lana mount Robby's hardon for a stiffie ride. Once Lana gets on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding, she can also eat Molly out for even hotter results. Then Molly scoots forward to enjoy Robby's cock in missionary as Lana licks her friend's toes. With Lana and Molly working together, they get Robby to blow a big load into Molly's coochie for Lana to lap up so the girls can play with the cum.

Oliver Faze in 'Sneaking Around'

Oliver Faze - Sneaking Around

Lana's boyfriend lies to his resident advisor and breaks campus rules to sneak his girlfriend in for the weekend. She gets busted by the advisor and she has to fuck him and her boyfriend to secure his silence and access to the campus.

Lana Smalls in 'My Stepbrother Still Has Wet Dreams'

Lana Smalls - My Stepbrother Still Has Wet Dreams

Lana Smalls sneaks up on her stepbrother Juan Loco to see what he's doing on his phone. Once he gets over being startled, Juan tells Lana he's not going to help her fulfill her stepfamily sex fantasies. She crawls into his lap and tries to seduce him. It almost works, but at the last minute Juan pushes Lana away and tells her that they both know how this is going to end.Later, Lana sees Juan doing laundry and asks him why. After a bit of coaxing, Juan confesses that he keeps waking up in the middle of the night with wet sheets. He doesn't know what's going on, so Lana offers to sleep in bed with him and help him figure it out. It turns out that Juan is having sex dreams and is cumming in his sleep. Juan is finally open to Lana's advances when she offers to help him with that.Lana starts off with a blowjob. Once Juan is feeling pretty good, she finally gets his permission to fuck. She starts by sliding her thong aside and impaling herself on his hardon. Then she ditches the undies and goes for a reverse cowgirl ride. Juan is fully onboard as Lana gets on her knees and begs him to do her in doggy. They finish off with Lana on her back so she can guide Juan's cum shot when he pulls out. As she licks jizz from her fingertips, Lana reminds Juan that he shouldn't deny himself sex and that he should just do her whenever he's horny.

Lana Smalls in 'Lanas Pussy Takes A Ride'

Lana Smalls - Lanas Pussy Takes A Ride

What do you do when a hot chick from Portland cant get an Uber? Give her a ride back to her hotel room then, give her a ride on your cock! Thats exactly what I did with the cutie I met today and wow, did I fill her pussy full of cum!

Lana Smalls in 'Nasty Fucking Submission!'

Lana Smalls - Nasty Fucking Submission!

Sweet, submissive brunette Lana Smalls flips her silky hair and struts, flaunting long, sculpted legs. Dirty director and authoritative fucker Bryan Gozzling peels her tight pink top from her perky, natural tits and squeezes her nipples. Bryan shoves his tongue inside Lana's tight sphincter, giving her a tasty rim job. He rubs her clit. Bryan slides his boner down her throat, and she gives a spit-soaked blowjob. Lana douses her cunt in shiny oil and spreads her legs. Bryan stuffs his meat inside her sensitive twat; she squeals as he thrusts aggressively. The dominant dude fucks Lana from behind, and her eyes roll back in her head. She moans in heat, spasming through an orgasm. Lana crouches on her hands and knees to give nasty Bryan a thorough, eager rim job. She masturbates, and Bryan slides a long purple dildo into her juicy pussy. Lana's deviant fuck session climaxes with a creamy cum facial.

Lana Smalls in 'I Am So Dirty Stepbrother - S8:E2'

Lana Smalls - I Am So Dirty Stepbrother - S8:E2

Lana Smalls is super into her stepbrother, Sam Shock. She has a plan to get his cum inside her and today's the day. Standing in the living room doing laundry in a super skimpy outfit, Lana waits for Sam to walk out. When he does, she tells Sam she needs him to wash her. Sam clarifies: Wash Lana or was her clothes, and Lana says both. Sam hesitates, but then picks Lana up and puts her in a laundry basket to carry her to the laundry room.It's clear the stepsiblings have been flirting for a while, because when Lana comes on to Sam he flirts right back. She offers to wrap her fun sized hands right around his dick, and Sam doesn't stop her. Popping it out, Lana goes to work stroking the shaft and sucking the tip in her tiny mouth. She's such a spinner that it's hard for her to deep throat all that big cock. When Lana tells Sam that she wants to feel him fuck her, so she gets to her feet and peels her thong off before leaning over the dryer.Going for the gold, Sam shoves it in. That big one fills Lana's tiny frame right up. She moans and squeals in delight as Sam gives it to her. When he lays down on a towel, Lana cheerfully climbs aboard for a stiffie ride. She finds herself back on top of the dryer, this time on her bottom with her thighs spread nice and wide for Sam to reenter her. Rubbing his stepsister's clit, Sam gets her off before giving her a big glut of cum. Glowing from her creampie, Lana admits she's not on birth control.

Lana Smalls in 'Scarlet and Lana: Squirting Li'l Squirts'

Lana Smalls - Scarlet and Lana: Squirting Li'l Squirts

Freaky, young Scarlet Skies joins bestie Lana Smalls for a fucked-up threesome! The adorable girls arrive on director Bryan Gozzling's porch raring to go. Inviting them inside, the deviant dominant sizes them up: Lana's tiny skirt rides up her tight ass, and her undies ride into her sweet pussy. Redhead Scarlet's bubble butt looks perky in tiny booty shorts and heels. Bryan feasts on both of their shaved cunts, soon whipping out his stiff dick for a double blowjob. The lovable tramps slobber and choke as they suck cock, and they whimper when the wicked dude drills their twats. Bryan makes out with one babe while pounding the other, and the darling dolls crudely rim his bunghole! This decadent meet-up delivers rampant slit slamming, lesbian cunnilingus and multiple ejaculations of girl squirt! The girls kneel with open mouths as Bryan bastes them with a hot cum facial.

Lana Smalls in 'Submissive Girl Squirts! '

Lana Smalls - Submissive Girl Squirts!

Cute, young Lana Smalls is a slim, oversexed tart -- a sweet girl that takes pride in being nasty! She shows up at director Bryan Gozzling's place in a tight, sheer skirt and cowboy boots. When the depraved, dominant stud describes what's about to take place, Lana beams with excitement. Bryan has his way with her, fondling her body as she stands timidly in front of the couch. He strips off her clothes and fingers her twat as Lana trembles in ecstasy. Passionate kissing leads to crude cocksucking, Lana salivating as she slurps Bryan's boner. Lana chokes on cock through a throat-fucking blowjob, and then spreads her legs for deep pussy drilling. The lewd fuck date delivers choking, spanking, and Lana's multiple squirting orgasms! The dirty girl Lana rims Bryan's bunghole and finally opens wide for a huge cum facial.