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Cece Mecta - DF Xtra

Cece Mecta and Kris Kixxx are in a on again off again relationship that was finally over after some incidents caused by Cece. Even though they have split apart Cece still longs for Kris and seems to not be able to let the relationship go. That is why when she heard that Kris was sick, she rushed over to his house to help try and nurse him back to health. When she showed up Kris tried to get her out as soon as possible, but she was having none of it. She reminded him of all the good times they had and how the last time he was sick she made him feel better. How did she make him feel better you may ask? Well, she let him fuck her tight pussy and cum all over her huge tits! Thinking back to that time Kris decides to give things another go for just long enough to get in one good fuck. Cece is ecstatic at the idea of feeling Kris's thick hard cock all in her body making her feeling amazing. Hopefully this will work and they don't just end up sick and exhausted.