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Ginger Lynn in 'Dogfart' (Glory Hole)

Ginger has done just about everything over the course of her porn career. Now that she's reached cougar status, and is once again a porn comodity, she decided to do the one thing she has never done...a gloryhole blowjob, with a little fucking through the hole. Ginger strips off her clothes, and starts right in rubbing that well-aged pussy until something more interesting shows up. Soon enough a fat black dick joins her, and she makes it's acquaintance by shoving it into her mouth. She does a very hot "fuck my mouth" sequence that warms him up for the introduction to her legendary poontang. She really gets off fucking this anonymous huge dick, and finishes by dropping down and milking it into her mouth!

Released : February 27th, 2010

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Ginger Lynn in 'Dogfart' - Glory Hole (Thumbnail 25)
Ginger Lynn in 'Dogfart' - Glory Hole (Thumbnail 26)
Ginger Lynn in 'Dogfart' - Glory Hole (Thumbnail 27)
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Ginger Lynn in 'Dogfart' - Glory Hole (Thumbnail 29)
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Ginger Lynn in '- Blacks On Cougars'

Ginger Lynn - Blacks On Cougars

Good things do happen to good little white cougars. I was out and about when I came across this handsome black fellow in need of auto assistance. I needed some making my white pussy gape as wide as possible. My initial advances made him nervous but the power of white pussy is too hard to overcome. Once at my place he eased up a bit once I got naked and started playing with the monsterous snake in his pants. Inch after inch kept coming out and I thought it would never end. Relaxing my jaw muscles made it easier for me to take his 3rd leg down my throat. I would have passed out if I wasn't able to breathe through my nose and his big black dick made it all the way down into my stomach. The last thing on my mind was sticking that thing anywhere near my ass but the mood was perfect for him to slide it in as far as possible without me being ripped in half. My heart was pounding, my face was sweating, and my pussy was aching and my ass was gaped as he fucked me for what seemed an eternity. His ride was here so getting his milky white goo all over my face was next on the menu. I still can't believe I took all of his black inches and can't wait to get some more interracial fuck buddies.

Ginger Lynn in '- Watching My Mom Go Black'

Ginger Lynn - Watching My Mom Go Black

I'd thought my son would mature by the time he reached 18. Apparently I was wrong since he'd gotten into some trouble with some loan sharks. He borrowed $10,000 to open up a medical marijuana clinic but his lack of common sense made that a father like son. These two black hoodlums roughed him up as they brought him to my office as he was hoping mommy would bail him out yet again. I'm on a fixed income so paying $10,000 was out of the question. What I did manage to do was sacrifice my pussy and mouth for black dick so my son wouldn't be chopped into pieces. Making my boy watch the festivities was the only way I could make sure he'd never fuck up again. As he watched I was on my knees as my mouth did things I never thought possible. I was being bombarded with thick black cocks as my throat expanded to several times its normal size. That wouldn't be enough punishment and I was soon face down ass up awaiting more cock than my tiny white pussy has ever taken. My cervix was taking a pounding and screaming was out of the question seeing as how my mouth was constantly full of black dick. I could feel their big black dicks swell up which told me it was ready to take as much cum as they could dish out. My son is now in college and on the honor roll which proved my theory that watching mommy get railed by black dick can only be beneficial.

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Dino Bravo in 'STEP-MOM'S COCK PART 2'


STEP-MOMMY GINGER LOVES TO MAKE YOUR COCK GET SO CLOSE TO THE EDGE AND THEN MAKE YOU DO THINGS FOR HER. She strokes you and makes you beg, then leaves you to go to the attorney to get the papers for you the sign. Of course, she fucks the lawyer and makes you lick the cum she pushes out of her pussy. She makes you lick her feet while she pleasures herself. She brings herself to orgasm because you know that her pleasure always comes first. She makes you stare at her pussy while she cums. If you want to cum you have to sign away all your inheritance to Step-Mommie. After making you beg, She makes you sign the papers, that is if? you want to ever cum again. She brainwashes you and milks you and takes Every Drop of your Big Load of Dirty Filthy Nasty Cum.

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MILF STEP-MOMMIE GINGER GOES OUT FUCKING WHILE JUNIOR STAYS HOME IN CHASTITY. She comes home and he has to crawl to the door and Worship and Clean her Ass. She pulls him by the leash that is attached to his cock for his daily cock and balls inspection. He begs for her to play with it and let him cum. His balls are swollen and red. She takes the dick out of chastity and it jumps, just from her attention. She makes him beg. She makes him swear that it only belongs to her, and not any of those slutty girls. SHE SMOTHERS HIS FACE IN HER BREASTS, AND STICKS HIS HARD COCK BETWEEN HER LEGS, MAKING HIM FUCK HER ROUGH STOCKING-COVERED CALVES. She keeps him hard but won?t let him cum. She has the plan to steal his inheritance, Clip 1 of a Hot continuing story, with Slutty MILF GINGER LYNN.



STEP-MOMMY ENJOYS AN EVENING IN FRONT OF THE FIRE STROKING HER SHARP FINGERNAILS OVER YOUR RED RAW CCOK. She?s been out shopping and fucking strangers all afternoon, which always puts her in a good mood, so Maybe She?ll Let you Cum. She loves telling Junior all about her sexual conquests while driving his sore hard cock crazy with her hands. Slowly stroking your cock, sticking her nails in your pee hole, but never giving you her mouth, much less her pussy or ass. You have to beg to cum, while she gets you close over and over again and then stops. Finally, she strokes it hard and lets you spew all that cum just for Step-Mommie.

Ginger Lynn in 'fucking in the desk with her big natural tits'

Ginger Lynn - fucking in the desk with her big natural tits

Professor Ginger Lynn has her own way of doing things. If a student needs help, she knows how to get through to him. It's not every day a teacher will go the extra mile, and it's not every day a teacher is as hot and horny as Ginger!!!

Ginger Lynn in 'fucking in the living room with her big ass'

Ginger Lynn - fucking in the living room with her big ass

Ginger Lynn is a proud mother. Her son and his roommate are moving up in the world and she's come by to check out their new place. Her son's not there when she arrives, so she gets the grand tour from his roommate. Even though Ginger's impressed by their place, she needs to see if he's worthy – in her pussy!!!

Ginger Lynn in 'Your Last Orgasm'

Ginger Lynn - Your Last Orgasm

CUCKOLD WIFE COMES TO VISIT HUBBY IN THE HOSPITAL, AND MAKES HIS PRESSURE EXPLODE. She takes her panties off and sicks them in his oxygen mask, which makes it harder to breathe and makes his cock stay hard. She thinks it's funny that the nurses laugh at his hard cock, unable to cum, while she's out fucking all the time. Just in case he doesn't survive Wife Ginger has papers for him to sign, turning everything over to her. She makes him sign the papers to have any chance of coming. He can't take the pressure from his FULL COCK AND BALLS, LOCKED IN HER Hands. She gives him his Last Orgasm. Now everything belongs to Her.