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Zerella Skies in '- We Fuck Black Girls'

Zerella Skies - We Fuck Black Girls

Zerella is a struggling artist trying to sell her paintings. She had a customer Danny Mountain come in to buy some of her art. She wanted $1000 per painting but Danny only had $500 to spend. Danny mentioned to Zerella that he too is an artist and maybe they should trade each others art. Zerella wanting to support other artist though that was a great idea. So Danny had Zerella cover her eyes with her hands. Then Danny pulled out his big cock and told her to open up her eyes. Zerella was blown away by the size of his cock. Danny then told Zerella that he is a 'performance artist' and this is his artistic expression. Zerella all excited and wanting to support fellow artists, put his cock deep in her throat. Then Danny fucked Zerella in every position until he busted his nut deep inside her pussy. Zerella loved Danny performance art so much as it was dripping out of her used wet pussy, she suggested more future art trades.

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Mia Moore in 'Double Vixen Trouble'

Mia Moore - Double Vixen Trouble

Mia has graced the walls, and bed, of Rickys Room once before. There was no doubt that we had to bring her back. Shes just elite in every way. This time we paired her with Zerella Skies whos new and just as insatiable. Rounding out this sex-filled trifecta was my guy Mazee who was just the man to take on these two vixens.

Aften Opal in 'Step Sibling Rivalry, Threesome Gloryhole Fuckery'

Aften Opal - Step Sibling Rivalry, Threesome Gloryhole Fuckery

Aften Opal and Zerella Skies are having a sleepover movie night which is basically code for a scissorfest. Aften's mom and new stepdad are trying to help them get cozy but these ladies want privacy so they can fuck around. Aften's new stepbrother, David Lee, is also lingering and Zerella is happy to include his cock in the action behind Aften's back. Zerella becomes more interested in David's cock than Aften's pussy and runs off with him. Aften grabs her suction dildo and experiences an accidental door drilling that makes her pussy wetter than ever and she wants David's cock to satisfy her itch.

Zerella Skies in 'Secret Bonding Time'

Zerella Skies - Secret Bonding Time

Zerella gets home from college and hears her stepmom in the shower, which gives her the perfect chance for round two on her stepdads dick. She wants more and her stepdad is nervous at first because his wife is right in the bathroom, but he can't resist her pretty face and perfect body. Zerella takes out Jonathans huge dick and gives him some amazing sloppy toppy before they fuck in multiple positions and he busts a huge load all over her.

Zerella Skies in 'Orgasmic Massage'

Zerella Skies - Orgasmic Massage

Zerella Skies pulled her hamstring, When her stepdad Jonathan Jordan came home she asked him for a massage. He was a professional massage therapist but completely exhausted from work. Yet he would give a Zerella a massage since she needed it

Rayveness in 'Stuck Slut Gets Milf's Strap-on'

Rayveness - Stuck Slut Gets Milf's Strap-on

Zerella Skies is grinding up on her man when he has a case of the ol' early blast. Seconds later, Rayveness, the blaster's new MILF stepmom, shows up just in time to see Zerella's disappointment. Rayveness hates to see a lady down, so she invites her into the kitchen while she puts away the groceries. Zerella find Rayveness' new strap-on amongst the fruits and legumes and can't resist trying in out. After some girl-on-girl fun, Zerella's man comes looking for her. Zerella tries to make a break for it by squeezing through the doggy door only to gets stuck. Dang! What to do next…

Zerella Skies in 'Zerella Learns To Milk A Cock'

Zerella Skies - Zerella Learns To Milk A Cock

Zerella bought a cute little cow costume. Now all she needs to do is sneak a playdate into her room without her step-daddy knowing, so she can taste that cock 'milk'. She gets to put that piece of meat in her mouth, pussy, and even uses her feet!

Zerella Skies in 'Zerella's Cock Cravings'

Zerella Skies - Zerella's Cock Cravings

Zerella Skies tells no lies, so when this hottie tells you she loves to suck cock, you know it's true. Zerella lives for the twitch and does what it takes to take a guy to the edge. She demonstrates her dick skills with Mick Blue in this sexy scene.

Zerella Skies in 'Wet Skies'

Zerella Skies - Wet Skies

Zerella Skies gets oiled up and fucked before getting facialed.