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Ruth Blackwell in 'Ruth Blackwell'

Ruth Blackwell - Ruth Blackwell

Everyone say HI to the Leader of the Whore Parade - Cindy Sterling. Cindy. What a whore. A slut. A floozie. A jezebel. All of the above. Cindy Slut! She comes over to my pad on a Friday night to see what's up...and I show her what up: 9 inches of black meat! Did I mention she shows up in her street clothes, and I make her go slut herself up for The Black Man? Did I mention she gets converted today? Did I mention she cleans my asshole with her tounge? Did I mention her late night snack of The Black Man's Cream? You're going to love this update as much as I loved making it. MWAH!!! XOXO - Ruthie.

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Cindy Sterling in 'fucking in the desk with her piercings'

Cindy Sterling - fucking in the desk with her piercings

Cindy is in danger of failing her class and it's because she is so distracted by all these boys in class. She needs a boyfriend, badly. Her teacher can help her with her boy problems and her grades by "throwing it in her".

Cindy Sterling in 'fucking in the bed with her small tits'

Cindy Sterling - fucking in the bed with her small tits

Trent's family is in the business of distributing libations. So when Cindy Sterling strolls into his dorm room with a Sorority Bash invite, he's suspicious. But it's not long before Cindy opens all her holes to get Trent to open up to supplying the beverages for her party!