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Chloe Rose in 'Gets Her Unemployed Boyfriend To Do Some Dirty Work'

Chloe Rose - Blacks On Blondes

Chloe Rose walked into the living room seeing her boyfriend Jax Slayher on the couch after he left her earlier this morning. Chloe was perplexed seeing Jax when she thought he was supposed to be at work. So, she asks Jax up to see what is going on. He tells Chloe that he got fired for eating his bosses pop tart yesterday on his day off. Chloe then tells Jax that he can get a job walking dogs for her dad. Jax being a bit embarrassed about getting fired said that he will make it up to Chloe. Then Chloe saw Jax's morning wood and wanted a quickie. Chloe puts Jax's massive cock into her mouth and after that she jumped on Jax cock and rode it until she had a massive orgasm. Then Jax was trying to hold back but couldn't and busted his nut deep inside of Chloe.

Chloe Rose in '- Blacks On Blondes'

Chloe Rose - Blacks On Blondes

You know you've made it in Hollywood when you can have your very own in house yoga instructor. Sure she is an actress hoping to make it and will gladly fuck for a place to stay but that's what it's like in this town. You gotta have your entourage and young girls hanging around. That way you can show off to your old homies from your hometown when they come to LA to visit. So here you have Jack who has now made it big producing movies in Hollywood and his childhood buddy Scotty swings into town and wants to live it up big time. When the 18 year old blonde comes into the room and starts doing yoga in front of them he is like "what the fuck"? Jack asks little Chloe if she would be up for a threesome with his buddy and of course she says yes. This girl ain't no dummy and besides she gets horny doing yoga. Having two dicks sounds like a blast. And indeed it is as she greedily devours the two massive meat poles that plop onto her beaming face. Sucking and stroking and ball gurgling this eighteen year old is ready to get that cunt of hers torn up. The men take turns pounding her tight little white meat locker with their huge sweet black poles. Chloe is really feeling her chakras opening and is riding a wonderful zen like orgasmic hum as she enjoys the train being run on her. Cock in mouth and one in hole this girl knows how to move up in Hollywood quickly. It's an age old story but it really does pay to make a lot of money. Jack knows he only gets these hot little babes because he is so rich. Soon Chloe is being rewarded for her excellent yoga and fucking skills with a massive face blasting of hot man juice.

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Chloe Rose in 'My Daughter's Hot Friend'

Chloe Rose - My Daughter's Hot Friend

Chloe Rose is horny as fuck and has the perfect plan to fuck her friend's dad Ryan. She calls him up and tells him her shower broke and is hoping he can come over to fix it. To be more believable, she damps her white shirt so when Ryan gets there he can see her nipples through the shirt. Her plan works flawlessly and Chloe finally gets to ride his cock and take his cum all over her body.

Chloe Rose in 'My Stepsister Found My Extra Large Condoms - S24:E3'

Chloe Rose - My Stepsister Found My Extra Large Condoms - S24:E3

When Chloe Rose sneaks into her stepbrother Jay Romero's room to go looking for a phone charger, she doesn't expect to find condoms in his nightstand. She particularly doesn’t expect to find XL condoms. Now that she knows her stepbrother is packing, Chloe comes on to Jay big time. She invites him to a movie night in her room in ten minutes.The timeline gives Chloe just enough time to slip into a sheer teddy before Jay comes in with popcorn. He's a bit confused since his stepsister has never been this nice to him, but a confession about finding the condoms clears everything up. Next thing Jay knows, Chloe's hands and mouth are all over his cock, making him nice and hard and ready to take things even further.After licking and fingering Chloe's snatch, Jay dives balls deep as she lays with her thighs spread nice and far apart. Loving that XL cock, Chloe sucks her own girl goo from the shaft and then gets on her knees so that Jay can pound her in doggy. She enjoys feeling that big salami filling her up in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl, but what really gets Chloe off is spooning sex. Knowing he has satisfied his stepsis, Jay pulls out to cum on her stomach for the first time, but definitely not the last.

Chloe Rose in 'Rose'

Chloe Rose - Rose

Sexy blonde bombshell Chloe Rose is as proud of her lovely curves as can be, as this teen absolutely should be. She'll show you her puffy nipples, big booty, and pretty pink pussy if you promise her a few orgasms. She may be a flirt, but she's far too horny to be a tease.

Chloe Rose in 'My Perfect Ass'

Chloe Rose - My Perfect Ass

When teen babe Chloe Rose is going clubbing, she dresses in clothes that practically scream do me. Coming home alone is always a bit of a disappointment for this horny cutie, but there's something to be said about peeling her clothes off slowly and loving on herself with her own magic fingers.

Chloe Rose in 'Thanks For The Ride'

Chloe Rose - Thanks For The Ride

Chloe's boyfriend deserts her in the middle of nowhere but luckily Jon Jon is driving by and offers a ride. Chloe's quickly forgets about her boyfriend and soon she's thanking Jon Jon for saving the day with a handjob and blowjob in the car!

Chloe Rose in 'I Am Yours'

Chloe Rose - I Am Yours

Sweet and sexy teen Chloe Rose is all ready to show off her bubble butt and perfect handful boobs that are touched by light tan lines. We love all this hot blonde's assets, but when she spreads her legs and then her meaty pussy lips, we're pretty certain we know what heaven looks like.

Chloe Rose in 'Blonde Beauty'

Chloe Rose - Blonde Beauty

Lovely in a sundress and even hotter as she's peeling her red bra and thong off to leave herself wearing only her smooth pale skin with sweet little tan lines, Chloe Rose is an all American dream. She is keen to let you see everything from her puffy nipples all the way down to her meaty bald pussy.

Joshua Lewis in 'Sorority Sneak'

Joshua Lewis - Sorority Sneak

Chloe sneaks a frat boy into her sorority house for a quick fuck before they get caught by her sorority sisters!

Joshua Lewis in 'Pure Sex'

Joshua Lewis - Pure Sex

Chloe gets her pussy pleased by Joshua's hard cock and gets her face covered in cum.

Chloe Rose in 'Shower Show'

Chloe Rose - Shower Show

Chloe's is hot and sweaty after a workout so she takes a shower. Her man enters the bathroom and enjoys the show as she soaps up.

Chloe Rose in 'The Last Night'

Chloe Rose - The Last Night

Its Chloe's last night with her boyfriend before heading off to college. She's finally going to let him creampie her as many times as he wants!

Chloe Rose in 'Teens Love Cream'

Chloe Rose - Teens Love Cream

Chloe Rose is in her friend's room, killing time, watching porn. Chloe didn't realize how loud the volume was because the moans of pleasure lead her friend's dad straight to her. Chloe is embarrassed that her friend's dad caught her watching porn, but he reassures her that it is perfectly normal. In fact, he asks if he can take a gander at what Chloe was watching. Chloe and her friend's dad start watching porn together and her friend's dad realizes that she has a thing for porn with older men in it. Chloe admits that older men get her wet, in fact she's always found her friend's dad pretty hot. Since Chloe's friend is still out, Chloe and her friend's dad decide to kill time by taking their clothes off and making their own moans of pleasure. Chloe even asks him to give her a classic creampie.

Joshua Lewis in 'Freaky Stepsis'

Joshua Lewis - Freaky Stepsis

Chloe is busted by her stepbro while using a fuck machine.

Chloe Rose in 'Deep Tissue Massage - 7 Orgasms'

Chloe Rose - Deep Tissue Massage - 7 Orgasms

Chloe gets a deep tissue massage from Quinton and cums over and over.

Chloe Rose in 'Hotel Hookup'

Chloe Rose - Hotel Hookup

Chloe and Brock check into a hotel for a romantic getaway and have passionate sex in a room with a view!

Chloe Rose in 'Hotel Hots'

Chloe Rose - Hotel Hots

Chloe and Brock check into a hotel for a romantic getaway and have passionate sex in a room with a view!

Chloe Rose in 'Clean And Wet'

Chloe Rose - Clean And Wet

Chloe is cleaning the house when her playfulness takes over and she starts soaking her body is soapy water.

Joshua Lewis in 'Sneaky Sex'

Joshua Lewis - Sneaky Sex

Chloe sneaks a frat boy into her sorority house for a sneaky fuck.

Chloe Rose in 'Bathing Beauty'

Chloe Rose - Bathing Beauty

Chloe's pussy isn't the only thing that's wet today. She takes a fun dip in the tub with colorful foam soap, makes herself cum in the bath, then rides Brock's big dick into orgasmic bliss.

Chloe Rose in 'Chloe Rose'

Chloe Rose - Chloe Rose

Chloe Rose gets interviewed and fucked on the Casting Couch.

Chloe Rose in 'Stolen Goods'

Chloe Rose - Stolen Goods

Chloe ends up in jail after she gets caught stealing lingerie. The detective that's assigned to her case asks her to try on the lingerie to see if it fits. In the process, she seduces him and makes his dick rock hard. He can't resist her advances and fucks her in the jail cell.

Chloe Rose in 'Play All Night'

Chloe Rose - Play All Night

Play All Night

Chloe Rose in 'Group Project'

Chloe Rose - Group Project

Chloe is assigned to a group project with two hot guys. She shows up to class unprepared and doesn't to do any of the work. Instead of contributing to the project, she seduces both the guys and convinces them to do all the work. She gets her tight pussy filled with their cocks and takes their cum all over her face.