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Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' (Cum Bang)

Tila Flame's always surrounding herself with so many white guys you'd think she was their mascot. Actually, Tila Flame's going to be cheering for peckerwood cock and her mouth is holding that pep rally. The South truly rose and it was in order to stad Tila's tonsils with each and every cracker cock. We improved race relations by having Tila go down the line and suck and worship each white boy until her lungs expelled every last inch of air. Much like a hoedown, this Cumbang continued until the sun dropped and each good ol' boy donated their nut sauce on her pretty black face.

Released : June 12th, 2012

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Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 1)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 2)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 3)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 4)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 5)
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Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 20)
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Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 22)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 23)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 24)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 25)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 26)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 27)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 28)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 29)
Tila Flame in 'Dogfart' - Cum Bang (Thumbnail 30)

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Tila Flame's family has no idea that the black slut just became the black sheep. Tila normally searched for interracial porn on the web but there's got to be something said for going to an actual adult arcade: The vast array of titles, the creepiness of it all, and......the glory hole? It seems as if this rental booth has another hole in it other than the one being fucked on screen inside. Tila Flame doesn't seem to mind as she gets naked and rubs her liove button until the juices run down her legs and thighs. Next, a gutsy white boy peeks in and tries his luck at getting some black pussy. He reaches through and gropes her until she's feeling horny enough to suck on his white cock. Tila's knees nearly get cut up from the dirty floor as she sucks down nearly a foot of caucasian cock. Tila's lips and mouth do a great job of keeping him hard enough in order to fuck him through the hole in the actual wall. That agile black frame grinds and rides the wall until you can almost see him nearly pop early while he's balls deep. Tila's black pussy has a near death grip on that white cock until it pops in her face. That awkward silence at the end is Tila taking in what she's just done. She's a true whore.

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The passion in Ebony and Ivory is palpable. Join Chloe and Tila as they savor their delicious swirl.

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Director David Perry picks up lovely, slender African-American teenager Tila Flame in his car. It isn't long before the adorable ebony beauty is flashing her small, natural breasts and silky behind. Tila leans over and wraps her luscious lips around the director's stiff cock, blowing him in the front seat as he's driving. When they reach their destination, the petite girl gets stuffed with David's dick in every hole. She takes a ferocious interracial butt reaming and providing lots of friendly ass-to-mouth cocksucking. After thoroughly sodomizing young Tila, David spurts a hot, messy load into the eager slut's mouth.

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So today I was driving around and I happen to come across a real live movie set. There was tons of extras hanging around just waiting for their time to shine. So I pull up to one really hot black chick named Tila. So I kind of told her that I was part of the whole movie set and that the director told me to get her for some behind the scene action. She totally fell for it, lol, which I couldn't believe. So I take her to the house and tell her that I need to see her body naked cause thats what the scene calls for. Once again she is totally down to do what ever it takes to make in this movie. So I called my boy Johnny to come threw and play along like he was the director,lol. As soon as he walks in its totally on. Tila still has no fucking idea what's going on but she is totally a team player. She drops to her knees and gives superior deep throat action that makes Johnny turns her ass around to give her pussy a pounding. This girl must of been so fucking horny cause she squirted all over my boy and the couch making a beautiful mess. After Johnny gives her his patent facial, we tell her she did a great job and we will be calling her soon, lol.