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Skylar Madison in 'Dogfart' (Glory Hole)

The word has hit the streets! Everyone seems to know!! Our adult bookstore is getting very "cruisy"! Take Skyler Madison, for example. She's a huge slut with an insatiable appetite for "N.S.A" (no strings attached) hook ups. She's known about the gloryholes in this particular store a while now, so when Skyler comes to the store, she dresses like a super slut. Then, she'll "browse" the adult DVD section before heading back to the arcade. But Skyler isn't browsing to buy; she's browsing to show everyone in the store she's down to suck! She did notice the store manager kinda down, and asks him why. "I know what goes on back there, and I'm pissed cause I gotta stay up here and work!" Skyler loves black meat, so she gave him a quick BJ...right in the store!! After she swallows his load, she's back in "the hole", waiting anxiously for another round!! It doesn't take long, and sure enough, soon she's sucking -- and fucking -- again! Another swallow, another perfect day for Skyler Madison!!

Released : November 20th, 2017

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