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Mina in 'Dogfart' (Glory Hole)

There were times that our camera nearly melted from Mina's presence. Mina is the kind of girl you'd want to make an honest woman out of, but that's before you find out about her gloryhole secret.She's a slender blonde that is about to enter the gloryhole wall of fame. After dropping every item of clothing Mina treats her snatch to her smooth hands as they explore every inch of her tiny body. Now, that's where the innocence ends and the fiasco begins. Mina's trusting nature leads her to believe that the black cock coming through the hole is ok to blow. After all, the only cocks she's dealt with were white ones that were lucky to maintain an erection. This black cock that was pointing at the ceiling was ready to excavate her mouth. Mina's nose grazed the filthy wall that was riddled with vulgar language. Mina managed to shout out some disgusting things as well when she gave her mouth a rest in favor of a black cock drilling. Her slime frame held on as she rode that big black cock while every wall shook. Her vulva was left in ruins as each pump left her out of order for any potential white cock. Mina's purse kept some lunch money but it wasn't needed when her mouth became a dining hall for a gallon of African sauce.

Released : September 9th, 2010

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Spicy redhead Mina is a sight for sore eyes as Murur watches her cleaning in just a super short dress, panties, and socks. She is as cute as she is sexy, and though Murgur could watch her dance forever he knows he has to get his hands on her. He sneaks up behind Mina, who has a moment of surprise before going soft and pliant in his arms. There's no mistaking Mina's enthusiasm as she leaps up to wrap her legs around Murgur's waist. He carries her to the couch, then lays her down and makes sure she's comfortable as he peppers her face and neck with kisses. Moving lower, Murgur samples each of Mina's tender little nipples with his tongue. Then he slides her panties aside to enjoy the first taste of her musky pussy juices. When he finally slides her underwear off, he is met with a slippery delight that is eager for more passes of his magical tongue.Mina lets Murgur eat her out until he is satisfied, then opens her mouth to take in his big dick. She laps the tip to her heart's content, then takes in as much as she can as she gobbles that cock. Then Mina climbs into Murgur's lap and impales herself on his stiffie until he is buried balls deep in her greedy snatch.When she's ready to switch things up again, Mina slides down onto her side with Murgur spooning behind her. He reenters her, enjoying the tight glove of her twat as he establishes a new rhythm. Mina can't quit moaning in delight as Murgur holds her thigh high to keep the angle of penetration perfect. Still, she wants to go back to work being on top of her boyfriend's fuck stick, so that's exactly what she does. When Murgur once again finds himself in control of their lovemaking, it is when Mina falls onto her back and lets her head loll back in ecstasy. She eventually collects herself enough to get up on her hands and knees, a position that Murgur easily takes advantage of by banging her from behind. Their doggy style coupling is just what Mina needs to have one last orgasm to satisfy her for the afternoon.Rolling onto her belly, Mina resumes sucking Murgur off. She uses her hands in time with the suction of her mouth, creating a vortex of sensual delight that Murgur can neither deny nor escape. When he finally blows his load, Mina's open mouth and eager face are waiting to catch every drop.

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