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Luna Legend and her husband, Ryan have been trying to get in shape for most of the year. Ryan kind of fell off as his work picked up but Luna stayed at it. Luna usually has the trainer, Solo The Bull come in and her husband oversees or joins in if he has the time. This time its a different trainer which makes Ryan suspicious. Ryan isn't big on change. When Luna is involved it really makes him uneasy. That's why when she walks in with a new outfit with her cheeks hanging out and a tall trainer feeling on those cheeks he has a bit of an issue. Luna quickly gets him out the room and enjoys her training session. She enjoys it so much she decides she needs more than just her trainer guiding her movements. She needs his cock in her holes! Luna pulls down the trainers pants and gets to work worshipping his cock. She sucks it with gusto to the point where they have to take it to the couch. Her husband barges in to protest but she shuts him down by telling him how worthless he is in bed while she gets railed by the muscular man she invited over. Ryan has no choice but to watch as Luna keeps getting fucked.

Released : February 17th, 2024
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Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 1)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 2)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 3)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 4)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 5)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 6)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 7)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 8)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 9)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 10)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 11)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 12)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 13)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 14)
Luna Legend in 'Dogfart' Luna Legend's Hot Workout Session (Thumbnail 15)

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Erin Everheart in 'Cuckold Sessions'

Erin Everheart - Cuckold Sessions

Erin Everheart and her husband, Ryan XolovjovX, had a nice day at brunch until everything went wrong. Ryan decided to have a wandering eye and look down the shirt of their waitress. Unfortunately for him Erin was right there staring at him while he made the transgression. On the way home she gave him a ear full. Even when he tried to apologize when they walked in the house she didn't want to hear it. He came up with the wise idea to go to the mall and get her a gift to smooth things over. At least that was the plan. A little later the two workers who were supposed to fix the heat showed up, Kriskxxx & Solo The Bull. Erin was going to just let them do their jobs but after giving them a look up and down she decided to get a little revenge on Ryan. She invited the two up for a little bit of fun involving their cocks inside her tight little holes. Ryan just so happened to come home in time to see his wife getting fucked by two workers he hired to fix their heat. She told him to sit so they could be even for his mess up from earlier that day. He went with it all the while wondering why it turned him on a little especially when he would protest and she made fun of him. After a round of good hard fucking the two workers came on her face. Covering her eyes in their hot sticky loads and offering to come back the next day to finish the job. Erin sat in bliss at what had just happened while Ryan tried to figure out what was next for their martial future.

Luna Legend in '- Blacks On Blondes'

Luna Legend - Blacks On Blondes

It can be a very hard job being a professional athletes' agent. They are targets for unscrupulous grifters and girl's trying to get a payday. Not to mention the other temptations that young men with lots of money may get into. Especially now for Jovan who is negotiating his final big contract with his team. He has to keep it on the downlow but damn he wants to get out and have some fun. His agent Mr. McGuire knows this so sends over his trusty assistant Luna to handle all of his client's needs. If Jovan needs someone to stroke his she will stroke it. If he wants it sucked he don't need no professionalshe will suck it. And if he needs it fucked by God she will be the one fucking it. Holy Fuck this Luna is all business as she greedily handles her job and sucks that giant cock down to the balls and fits it into her dripping wet cock socket. She fucks and sucks and makes sure this motherfucker ain't getting into any trouble tonight. That's because Jovan has got a handful of pussy to handle this evening and the way she drains balls he is not going anywhere else.

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Luna Legend in 'Practicing Ball Licker Becomes Perfect At Anal'

Luna Legend - Practicing Ball Licker Becomes Perfect At Anal

Luna Legend and her roommate are having a serious problem with a leaky tap. They call the landlord, Scott Nails, and he jumps at the task. Luna is hot for landlord and when Scott asks for a little assistance, she plants herself right between his legs. That's when Scott's pants rip, right in Lunas face. Lucky for him, Luna's got a big-time ball licking and deep throating obsession. When they get busted by the nosey roomie, Luna, hornier than ever, runs to her room to practice her routine on a toy. Scott sneaks in and replaces the toy. Luna knows a real pair when she licks one, and now she's the one with the leaky faucet… between her legs! Luna mounts Scotts rod and spreads her ass open for some hot sneaky anal action.

Penelope Woods in 'Fuck A Fan'

Penelope Woods - Fuck A Fan

Penelope is a popular porn star and puts out a 'Fuck a Fan' contest to find a guy with a cock big enough to satisfy her. She finds a winner and congratulates him by letting him cum in her over and over again.

Britney Rose in 'Cuckold Fantasy'

Britney Rose - Cuckold Fantasy

Britney invites Solo over to fuck and he's surprised to meet her husband, ready to record the whole thing! Britney explains that this is their thing. He likes recording her cucking him and Solo is ready, willing, and excited!

Luna Legend in 'Luna is Horny For Stepdad'

Luna Legend - Luna is Horny For Stepdad

Luna tries to sneak inside the house without anyone knowing. But, her stepdad already saw her come in and is demanding to know why she was out so late. She knows stepdad is always watching her, so she convinces him not to ground her by giving him a blowjob. She later wastes no time and gets on top of her stepdad's cock. He fucks her until he comes all over her face.

Luna Legend in 'Works Her Hot Tight Body Around Dredd Huge Black Cock'

Luna Legend - Works Her Hot Tight Body Around Dredd Huge Black Cock

Luna Legend teases Dredd with her perfect round ASS. Dredd's BBC works it's way around Luna Legend's sensational curves.

Luna Legend in 'Luna Legend's Phenomenal Ass Gets Its First Fucking'

Luna Legend - Luna Legend's Phenomenal Ass Gets Its First Fucking

Luna Legend's first Anal! This girls ASS is phenomenal! Luna Legend has her ASS fucked in every position. This girl is very naughty, she goes ASS to Mouth. Jules saves the best for last, with a facial blast.