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Hydii May in 'Dogfart' (Glory Hole)

Hydii May has skipped Lamaze class in favor of an adult bookstore. Hydii is 8 months pregnant and the father of her unborn child is nowhere to be found. Hydii's boredom has led her here and it's going to be obvious that her boyfriend's fuck up is a black man's treasure chest. Hydii has gotten herself comfortable when a big, black cock interrupts her party. Hydii inspects the anonymous black cock before sliding every possible inch down her mouth. They say women get unusual cravings during their pregnancy and nameless black cock must be one of them. Hydii let's the creepy pervert. feel her tits up as well as the bump on her belly. Hydii goes back to sucking down that big, black shaft before her pussy decides its time for it to enjoy that big, slab of beef. Hydii's lactating tits shake and bounce as she slides herself on the black anaconda poking from the wall. Hydii's baby must have been kicking as she was bent over and at the mercy of the glory hole. Hydii's love for interracial sex shines through as this pregnant white girl begs for a proper pussy slamming. The last thing left to do is to drain that black monster of all its creamy goodness. Pregnant sex with black cocks? We think we've seen it all.

Released : November 21st, 2011

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Hydii May in '- Interracial Blowbang'

Hydii May - Interracial Blowbang

It looks as if there's going to be another generation of whitey to keep the brother down! Hydii May is carrying the child of some cracker but her secret desire is to please as many black men as possible. Hydii's ready to drop that baby but not before becoming the newest target of multiple black cocks. The entire congregation was teased as Hydii rubbed her phat ass against all our cocks before giving some bomb ass head. No brother was denied the oral skills of this white devil as Hydii gave us all dome. Hydii's baby was kicking as she gobbled up all out big, black cocks right before we had to tap that ass. Hydii backed that thing up like a garbage truck and we took turns poking her uterus. We were not to be denied that killer, white pussy and her milk-filled tits kept shaking. Hydii's pussy was taking all our dicks while her mouth kept a brotha's dick nice and warm. The only thing left in our meeting was to blast her belly with our ghetto gunk. One by one, each disrespected black man took a shot on her baby bump as she massaged it into her skin. We knew white girls were freaks but this bitch might be the craziest. The devil spawn might never know that his momma is a black cock ho.

Hydii May in '- Blacks On Blondes'

Hydii May - Blacks On Blondes

We've listened to the feedback and we're giving you what you've asked for: Interracial, pregnant fucking! Dr. Shane Diesel is in the middle of screening mom-to-be Hydii May when she informs him that her unborn child will be black, and not white like her boyfriend. Shane's jaw drops to the floor as he breaks the sacred bond of doctor/patient trust by not turning down her advances. It's known that the sex drive of pregnant women shoots to the roof but this is going to another level. Hydii gets to her swollen knees and sucks on the good doctor's massive black thermometer. The size of the black cock in her mouth must weigh as much as the black baby currently in her uterus. Hydii manages to squirt some milk for this office visit right before the interracial fucking kicks off.Shane gives the expecting mother some time off her feet and he chows down on the throbbing pussy before stabbing her pussy with his gigantic black cock. Hydii's baby must have been ducking and dodging as Dr. Diesel's black cock kept drilling inside her vaginal walls. One could say that Hydii May fucking Shane's super colossal cock is great practice for child birth. We couldn't agree more. Hydii's disdain for her white boyfriend is evident when she rides on top of a doctor who's risking his practice in the name of interracial sex. The doctor keeps ramming his massive black cock to the point where her water nearly breaks right then and there! The appointment for the next pregnant patient to come in has arrived and Dr. Diesel shoots his full nut deep inside Hydii's womb. It's not like she can get pregnant again. Too bad we can't see the look on her boyfriend's face when he sees a black baby escaping his woman's pussy. That's a kodak moment.

Hydii May in '- Cuckold Sessions'

Hydii May - Cuckold Sessions

Chip and his lady, Hydii May, are about to welcome a bundle of joy into the world. Chip has had a difficult time figuring out how to show appreciation for the mother of his unborn child. A stroller? Already have one. Diapers? They're up to their ears in them. Chip is about to have his girl ride the midnight express courtesy of Lucas Stone. Hydii's initially reluctant since she loves Chip so much. Lucas, as a matter of fact, happens to be bigger than all departments! Lucas rubs Hydii all over and that includes her baby bump. Hydii learns to love black cock by getting on her slightly swollen knees and sucking on that big, black cock as Chip watches in complete happiness. To make matters interesting Hydii sizes Chip against Lucas which is like measuring Godzilla against Mighty Mouse. Hydii continues to suck on that black cock until her pussy decides it's time to get completely thrashed. Chip sits idly by as Hydii's womb prepares for the upcoming birth by Lucas stretching out her walls. Their child begins kicking when as Lucas' big, black cock pulverizes Hydii's insides and her screaming will rival that of the sounds in the delivery room. Lucas wastes no time in wrecking that pussy while Hydii's orgasms get progressively louder and louder. Chip can only watch as the mother of his unborn child rides that black bull while her gigantic tits sway with each thrusting. There's no love being lost as Hydii and her boyfriend lock lips as her pussy slowly resembles a devastated city. The heavy breathing from Hydii isn't her water breaking; it's her pussy getting ravaged by a gift courtesy of a loving boyfriend. How loving is Chip? He keeps his ladies head up as Lucas showers her belly with his thug juice. chip rubs it into her stomach and this loving couple has a bright future. That is, if he continues to supply her with black cock.

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Hydii continues an education with introduction to new electro toys. Though she's anxious about the experience, she learns that pain leads to pleasure!

Hydii May in 'New to Porn, Very new to Electricity!'

Hydii May - New to Porn, Very new to Electricity!

Blonde Hydii May gets a double header of intense electrical vaginal fucking from the Samurai and electrical corporal punishment from the sticky pads.