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Jax was sitting on the couch chilling watching the game on his day off. While Jax was enjoying the game his roommate came into the living room to take selfies on the same couch that Jax was sitting in. Athena the asked Jax if he could help her out with a few pics and videos for her social media. Jax remind her that it was his day off and that she should get her boyfriend to do it. Athena started taking her own pics and was getting naked in the process. Jax noticed that Athena was playing with her pussy and was looking super hot. Then Jax decided to help her with her pics and video. Then Athena noticed Jax;s bulge in his pants and asked him if she could take pics with his dick. Then when Jax pulled it out, she then jumped on it and started sucking away. But not out with asking for Jax;s permission.Jax was all about it. Then She jumped on top of Jax's cock and started riding it till she had an orgasm. Then Jax fucked the shit out of her till he busted a nut inside of her.

Released : October 27th, 2023
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Pictures from Athena Fleurs in 'Dogfart' Blacks On Blondes

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Athena Fleurs in 'ATHENA FLEURS Anal and Creampie Studies'

Athena Fleurs - ATHENA FLEURS Anal and Creampie Studies

Dressed to the nines in skimpy schoolgirl attire, California girl Athena Fleurs teases. The young blonde wears thigh-high stockings and matching heels, soon taking off her top to flaunt her natural tits. Athena's round booty peeks out from her tiny skirt, looking perfect for some hardcore sodomy! She chats with director/stud Mick Blue in the opening moments -- Athena confesses her fantasy of fucking one of her former teachers! Porn pro Mick provides the education here, pounding Athena's sweet snatch. His big cock slides in and out of her wet slit. Athena drops to her knees to taste her pussy juice on his schlong. She masturbates her clit while Mick's thick prick slithers through her sphincter. They kiss passionately through an intense anal romp. This wild, all-holes session includes a choking blowjob and finishes with a hot pussy creampie!

Athena Fleurs in 'Stepsister Needs A Helping Hand'

Athena Fleurs - Stepsister Needs A Helping Hand

Stepsister Athena is super horny and wants her step brother Derek to help her masturbate. Derek is at first shocked to hear his own step sister ask for such a request, but with a little convincing that their parents won't be home and that they're not even related, gets the action started. Enjoy one of the best pov scenes you will ever see.

Athena Fleurs in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Athena Fleurs - My Sister's Hot Friend

Athena Fleurs needs a distraction after her boyfriend dumps her, so she heads over to her friend's house. The problem is that her friend is out. Athena could really use a distraction from her break up though, so she figures if she bangs someone else then it will make her forget all about the breakup. Lucky for Athena, her friend's brother is around and his big cock is ready to fuck the memory of her ex out of her brain.

Athena Fleurs in 'Anal For Athena'

Athena Fleurs - Anal For Athena

Hottie Athena Fleurs flaunts her sexy body in red lingerie before getting fucked hard by Oliver Flynn!!

Athena Fleurs in 'ATHENA FLEURS Anal, A2M and Gaping Fun'

Athena Fleurs - ATHENA FLEURS Anal, A2M and Gaping Fun

Raring to go in a tight bikini, hot blonde Athena Fleurs teases and struts through a frisky intro. The young, fit vixen masturbates and stretches her holes for the camera, soon teaming up with Zac Wild for a rampant backdoor fuck. Athena flirts with the camera as she fingers her sweet anus, and then she welcomes Zac by spreading open her sphincter for his big cock. Zac pummels her bunghole to lewd rectal gaping, pile-driving Athena as she whimpers in anal ecstasy. Rowdy rectal reaming comes with nasty farting; a raunchy, ass-to-mouth blowjob with throat fucking; and hard, riding sodomy. When Zac's finished with her, he yanks his rod from her rectum and rewards her with a messy cum facial. The climax: Adorable Athena tastes hot semen as it oozes down her face.

Athena Fleurs in 'Anal Play'

Athena Fleurs - Anal Play

Athena gets her asshole played with to prepare it for Kyle's thick dick.

Athena Fleurs in 'Cute blonde takes Anal like a pro'

Athena Fleurs - Cute blonde takes Anal like a pro

Slinky in pink, Athena might a cute cream-skinned beauty, but she's ready to do battle with a big dick.

Athena Fleurs in 'Stepbro Learns That Sharing Is Caring - S23:E9'

Athena Fleurs - Stepbro Learns That Sharing Is Caring - S23:E9

Athena Fleurs enjoys taking things from her stepbrother and claiming them as her own. She starts with some potato chips, which she munches until Joshua calls her on it. When Joshua calls Athena on it, she tells him that sharing is caring.Later, wearing only a bra and thong, Athena makes herself at home in Joshua's room because his bed bigger than hers. Again, sharing is caring. Joshua is confused, but he lets it happen. Still later, Athena pulls out Joshua's stiffie to share something a little more hardcore. She emphasizes that now that they're stepsiblings they should get used to really sharing.With Athena's hand and then her mouth on his dick, Joshua isn't about to decline this offer. He eats his stepsis out and then shoves it in as she writhes on her back. When Athena rides him in cowgirl, then in reverse cowgirl, all his dreams seem to be coming true. Athena gets on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding that leads to a spooning fuck. They continue like that until Joshua pulls out to pop, sharing his cum along with everything else.

Athena Fleurs in 'Into It'

Athena Fleurs - Into It

Do you want to fuck a hotblooded cheerleader like Athena Fleurs, who's wearing a mock schoolgirl uniform with an ultrashort skirt and a halter that comes undone to free her big boobies? This blonde stunner is ready and waiting! Enjoy the ride as she gets naked and shows off all her incredible Nubiles assets.

Athena Fleurs in 'Blonde Beauty'

Athena Fleurs - Blonde Beauty

Dressed to impress as she's working out in the gym, Athena Fleurs is the kind of girl who knows all eyes are on her and who loves the attention. This blonde babe's favorite part of working out is when she gets home and peels off her sweaty clothes so she can give her tits and twat a nice rubdown.

Athena Fleurs in 'Baby Blues'

Athena Fleurs - Baby Blues

Blue eyed blonde cutie Athena Fleurs is loving this new hobby of getting naked on camera to show off her big boobs all the way down to her fine ass and bare pussy. Her nipples are already hard as her top hits the ground, and her snatch is nice and wet as well.

Athena Fleurs in 'Amazing Ass'

Athena Fleurs - Amazing Ass

Athena Fleurs is a blonde stunner with big boobs, a tight and fit body, and a do me attitude that's sure to draw any lover she wants right in for some of that honey. This busty cutie isn't shy about stripping so you can enjoy those faint tan lines that cross her tits and highlight her bubble butt.

Athena Fleurs in 'Plan B'

Athena Fleurs - Plan B

Athena's friend is bailing, but she has a backup plan. And in this case, the 'B' in Plan B stands for "bigger than she's ever had before."

Athena Fleurs in 'Bath Tease'

Athena Fleurs - Bath Tease

Athena gives a sexy tease in the bath before getting her asshole toyed and creampied.

Athena Fleurs in 'Valentine's Day Facials'

Athena Fleurs - Valentine's Day Facials

Athena's gets surprised with a threesome on Valentine's Day. She takes two cocks and gets her face completely covered in cum.