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Cindy Lou in 'Dogfart' (Glory Hole)

There's a certain potion of the white male population that encourage their women to go score some big, black dick. Cindy Lou's boyfriend is one of those guys/cuckolds. Cindy and her guy have just gone through one of their bigger fights when she goes the route of revenge after discovering his cheating ways. Her man gets the vile details of her trip to a glory hole only AFTER she's sucked and fucked a random black stranger. In fact, she's on the phone with the cheater as she's stroking off that strange black cock. Revenge is a dish best served cold.....but in this case it's in the form of a messy facial courtesy of a lucky black individual. You can bet that Cindy's boyfriend will have her bags packed once she walks in through their front door.

Released : April 11th, 2015

Pictures from Cindy Lou in 'Dogfart' Glory Hole

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Cindy Lou in 'Dogfart' - Glory Hole (Thumbnail 25)
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Cindy Lou in 'Dogfart' - Glory Hole (Thumbnail 27)
Cindy Lou in 'Dogfart' - Glory Hole (Thumbnail 28)
Cindy Lou in 'Dogfart' - Glory Hole (Thumbnail 29)
Cindy Lou in 'Dogfart' - Glory Hole (Thumbnail 30)

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Most of the time, it takes an "in" to get your foot into Porn Valley's door. Turns out Trent Daniels is lucky enough to know Moe "The Monster" Johnson. Turns out Trent's also out of work, and he musters up the courage to ask Moe for a favor: any way you can get me a try-out? Trent wants to be a Porn Star. Moe knows a freak named Cindy Lou, and she's always DTF -- down to fuck. Moe decides to swing by Cindy's with Trent in tow to see if he has what it takes. Poor Trent. Turns out his "10 inch python" is a 4 inch cocktail wiener, which means this Porn Valley try-out is, in reality, another white boy's Cuckold Session

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Cindy Lou has a few scenes under her belt, and we're already tossing her nearly a dozen black cocks for her enjoyment. We here at Dogfart are giving Cindy a budget for her own DVD. The casting call brings in a "who's who" of black male talent. Jon Jon, Charlie Mac and many others came in for an interview with Cindy hoping to get to perform with her. With so many choices what was Cindy to do? Being the southern white slut that she is, Cindy had them all fuck her with the contract going to her favorite one of the bunch. And we were soon off to the races. Cindy had them all line up as she went down the line to suck them all to near completion. It seems as if she only got her feet wet with, and now she takes it up a notch with her first ever interracial gang bang. The whore from the Bible belt isn't satisfied with merely blowing about twelve feet of big , black cock. No. Cindy wanted the full Dogfart experience and she got it when her pussy was pounded, slammed and jammed with every black cock in the house. Cindy picked Moe after her face was covered by his jizz and his black brothers in arms.

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Cindy Lou's ability to manipulate the black man is on par with her ability to play for the college team. The slut/volleyball player has eyes for Flash Brown. Can you blame her? She's seen Flash on our network giving white sluts their very first taste of black dick.....and she's next in line. Flash gets the southern slut inside in order to get her warm mouth wrapped around his big,black dick. The dirty white girl makes up for years of missing black cock by nearly riding Flash until his black dick falls off. You can nearly hear her southern ancestors turning in their graves as the southern belle gets her filling of the black man's wrath. Cindy's first interracial encounter comes to a dramatic ending when Flash shows her where good white sluts take the black man's jizz.

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Fresh-faced American Cindy Lou is a 19 year old cutie with a huge appetite for sex! The fair-skinned coed teases her dripping fuck hole with a magic wand vibrator before stripping down to get naked, opening her whole horny body for the touch of her magic fingers and her vibrating toy.

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Cum crazy American babe Cindy Lou can't wait to discover the sexy secrets of her horny body! She starts her exploration outdoors, but soon relocates to her car where she can shimmy out of her bra and then put her fingers to work exploring her tight anus and her juicy fuck hole.

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