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Bliss Dulce in 'Dogfart' (Glory Hole)

Bliss Dulce's stage time won't end in the same manner that others do. No, Bliss goes above and beyond what's expected of her by getting down and dirty with a black stranger's massive appendage. The filthy stripper-for-hire shakes her money maker in order to keep the lights on and the phone bill paid; however, Bliss isn't one to do the bare Bliss encounters a random black cock and sucks down on it instead of informing club security. The black cock slut takes a break from dancing in order to get that pussy fucked R-A-W by some black customer from behind the wall. The icing on the cake comes when she sucks him to completion--all over her face.

Released : June 8th, 2014

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Bliss Dulce - Blacks On Blondes

It's a hard knock life for Charlie Mac. You see, he's been slinging his black meat on camera for several years--just look at the amazing work he's done for our network. Now,it seems, Charlie's headaches with his woman has affected his body and mind. This is where Bliss Dulce enters the picture. Bliss is introducing Charlie to the world of meditation and stretching...but it's going to be Bliss' backdoor that gets the ultimate stretching. Bliss forgoes the lesson in favor of the stressed out black man in her presence. Bliss gets her mouth barely pass the tip of Charlie's big black cock. Charlie's relaxation increases as her turns his attention to the welcoming pussy of Bliss Dulce. The tense porn veteran slams his meat into that tight pussy until her ass gives him the green light for entry. Charlie's massive black snake finds its target in Bliss Dulce's succulent sphincter. Each thrust brings Charlie the peace and ease he's been searching for. And Bliss' ass is reaping the benefit of a once-exhausted black guy. This completely unorthodox method of relaxation comes to an end when Charlie's ball snot coats the pretty face oh his instructor.

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Bliss Dulce is a tight little package with an insatiable appetite for oily ass-ramming fun. Bill Bailey is a lean-mean fucking machine with a keen instinct for rock hard butt-banging. Witness these two anal all-stars collide in a hurricane of relentless fuck-time ferocity the likes of which has never been seen.

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Bliss Dulce in 'Anal Newbies'

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Stunning, young Latina Bliss Dulce is a hardworking porn rookie eager to impress director Mark Wood with her anal sex skills. After she teases us with her perky tits and soft, sweet ass, Mark buries his tongue in the slender beauty's anus. Bliss swallows the director's massive cock and even rims his bunghole before bouncing on Mark's thick shaft and taking him deep inside her stretched rectum. Finally, Bliss sucks his prick ass-to-mouth... earning a tasty mess of cum.

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Bliss Dulce is desperate for a new car, but her cheap mother won't buy her one. Wanting to teach her daughter the value of a hard day's work, she tells Bliss to go out and earn her new ride on her own. Overhearing their conversation, high-roller Ramon Nomar busts out a wad of cash and makes that bubble butt slut a quick offer: have anal sex with him in the men's room and he'll finance her car himself! Bliss takes him up on his offer without hesitation, gagging on his fat cock to get it nice and lubed up, then taking it balls deep inside her tight ass! Easy as pie!

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This is it. We have a very beautiful Columbian on MonstersofCock...Finally!

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After reading her palm. It clearly shows she made to jerk off cocks. We have her here to jerk off Alex Gonz. His big dick will fit perfect in her little hands. She pulls the cock like crazy. Just perfect enough for him to bust a load of cum. Enjoy!.

Bliss Dulce in 'Banging bliss'

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Mike visits the same restaurant every day. But what he wants isnt on the menu. A beautiful Colombian waitress named Bliss works there. One look at her face and body and its easy to see why. Todays the day he plans to seal the deal. He gets her back to his apartment by inviting her to a pool party. They get as far as the bathroom and decide to have their own party instead. Mike rubs her the right way getting her wet. This combined with a blow job and next thing you know theyre off to a fuck fest. Bliss gladly accepts Mikes invitation to sit on his cock. She begs him to pound her pussy harder on the bathroom counter. Mikes final duty is done as he blows his load all over her face, leaving her in a state of pure bliss.

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Reagan had the hots for one of her brother's friends. He was a major nerd but her star quarterback brother befriended him in order to get him to do some school work for him and also tutor him. He showed up to drop off a poetry book her brother had to be familiar with and he was going to give him pointers on how to understand it all but he was not home. Reagan was thrilled when she realized she finally had a chance to be alone with him and let him know how attracted she is to the nerdy type. She led him to her room and made a pass at him. The nerd was not too keen on the ways of romance so she really had to pour it on and take charge. He let the inner beast surface once he realized he was finally going to get laid. He could not believe such a young and pristine pussy was his for the taking.